Wanting to get rid of my hue bridge and direct connect my hue bulbs to ST

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Its my first post, time to come from the shadows. Forgive me if his isn’t the right place to post my specific question, I’m sure you’ll let me know either way.

I’m trying to as the title says,to ditch my hue bridge and direct connect my hue bulbs (all white b22 dimmers so far) to ST, I am aware of the Zll and HA profiles created when trying to reset the hue bulbs profiles etc… So for the moment I’m just trying to connect a new '‘virgin’ hue white dimmer to the ST hub. I have not tried to connect this bulb to the hue bridge at all and to make sure the bridge didn’t try to ‘grab’ the bulb by accident, I had the hue bridge powered off/unplugged to be 100% sure.

here is the bulb or ‘thing’ in the api page, it looks like any other bulb apart from the zigbee id (not sure why it has and the rest don’t), but I cannot get it to operate. I obviously see the bulb from within the app but it just doesn’t react :frowning:

Thing LAN Hue Dimmable King Home King Home Hub 0017880103265D65 A25A ONLINE Local 2 hours ago

Sorry if this has been discussed before, any advice is welcome, once this is sorted I have a more ‘virgin’ bulbs to hang directly from ST…Loving the ST hub and I’d like to try keep and build up my device/s list from within the one app (ST).

Great work and info from you all so far and I look forward to hanging out in here to learn more about ST in the future.


Just to throw this out there before you go too far down this path.

There have been 5 major ST outages since January 3rd of this year (accessing mobile app, device control, IDE, etc…) that have impacted everyone in some shape or form.

If you take the Hue Bridge out of the equation and have all of your Hue Bulbs directly integrated with ST without the use of the Bridge, you run the risk of losing control or accessibility of all your Hue Bulbs.

Whereas if you have all your Hue bulbs connected to your Bridge and the Bridge / Bulbs discovered in ST and ST goes completely out to lunch, you still have the ability to control all of your bulbs via the Hue App, independent of ST.

With all the stability issues, especially as of late, I would make sure you have thought through having a backup plan in the event that another outage occurs. :slight_smile:

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While you can if you want to, I think you will probably regret it, as the hue bulbs can mess up the zigbee mesh for your other ZHA devices. See the following FAQ:



Thanks, yes a fair point you have raised, I’m not 100% decided at this stage, I’m looking at the options and pro’s vs con’s. I’m sure there are many :wink:

@JDRoberts thanks also for your feedback.



just a quick update I have managed to figure out the device handler and to get my hue bulb talking to ST, I’m not intending to add anymore for the moment, it really just wanted to make it work for the fun and test/monitor how they preform.

I guess time will tell,

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Again, the primary issue typically isn’t that the bulb doesn’t perform: it’s that the bulb will accept a message from a zigbee sensor or other device and then fail to pass it along. This’ll make it look like the sensor has gone bad, when actually it’s that the bulb is an unreliable repeater. There are people who have spent weeks trying to troubleshoot their sensors, when the problem was that they had added some additional bulbs connected directly to the hub. :disappointed_relieved:

JDRoberts, I’m assuming its not known why it fails pass the message along? sorry to ask I’m just interested to know, i’m obviously at the start of a long learning curve :wink:

what I understood to be the case is that Zigbee and Z-wave are mesh protocols, does the hue bulb have limitations around this or what?
Thanks again

It’s not just Hue, it seems to be most of the ZLL bulbs when connected to a ZHA coordinator. See the FAQ:

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JDRoberts, thanks again for the link,
This was an informative read, and one that must be considered carefully.
hopefully in time the technology in the bulb will mature and this issue gets resolved.

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I think it was mostly that the ZLL specification for lightbulbs was introduced assuming that those bulbs would never be used with a ZHA coordinator (Like the smartthings hub), since that was kind of the point. There was a fallback, but as described, it doesn’t seem to really work well.

Since both of these profiles are being folded into zigbee 3.0, My hope is that the zigbee 3.0 bulbs will not have the problem when used with a zigbee 3.0 coordinator.

But I doubt if they will be backwards compatible.