Wallplate Extension

I’m trying to install 2 jasco 45609 switches and a 3rd non-programmable switch into a 3-gang junction box, but i’m having a hard time getting all the wiring and the jasco switches back into the junction box

I recall seeing a wall-plate “extension” a while back that could help with this issue - does anybody know if this is real, or am i seeing things again…


Do you have old work or new work boxes? Not sure about wall-plate extensions but I have used deeper 3 gang old work boxes. I spend a little more now and always get the deeper boxes. I was tired of always fighting for space :slight_smile:

I had the same issue and ended up “modifying” the boxes using my trusty Dremel. It’s not pretty, but it works.

Post some pics

Probably cheaper the replace the box.

I have the same issue! Anyone found a solution?

Here is a description of what I have found so far (posted in another thread):

I am installing 3 z-wave switches in a 3-gang box. This box has a lot of wires in it and as a result my 3 z-wave switches won’t fit inside. I tired to replace 2 of the z-wave switches with one Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 Device connected to two regular switches but it is still too big to fit in the wall box. I guess all I would need would be a box extender but so far I have found only one partial solution (the Leviton 6197-W Shallow Wallbox Extender) but it is one for a 1-gang box. I thought about using small z-wave relays like the Enerwave mentioned above straight at the light enclosures on the ceiling but this would be complicated since each switch control 2 light enclosures on the ceiling. Oh, and to make things more complicated, I don’t have access to an attic or anything similar that would make it easy to access the main power line to the lights…

So my questions to the community are:

Do you know of any box extender for a 3-gang box (my backup plan would be to create a custom one in plastic to wood)?
Do you know of any other solution that might work?
Thanks a lot,