Wall mounted tablet keeps losing connection to attached devices

I have a wall mounted Android tablet with smartthings app running. At least once per day, I have to close and reopen app to gain control of my attached devices. It seems to lose connection to them. Android is plugged into power permanently. Any ideas?

Look into actiontiles, it’s an add-on by a couple of community developers and it costs extra, but it’s totally worth it.

It runs in a browser window. You can customize a dashboard (or more than one) to your needs to see device status or control devices, and it doesn’t expose all the admin settings that the ST app does (to other dashboard users that might end up messing something up).


Totally agree with @marktheknife.

ActionTiles is where it’s at for wall mounted Tablets or Tablets in general. You can even give limited access to whomever and all other kinds of cool features like showing radars or cameras.

Totally worth it and then some.


I was trying Smart Tools which is like actiontiles.
No ability to add my garage door, or Samsung Cameras.

Hi Charles…

ActionTiles fully supports Garage Door DTHs compliant with the SmartThings standard Capability. Give it a try during the unlimited features free trial period of 14 days.

SmartThings doesn’t offer an API into camera streams, so neither ActionTiles nor SharpTools can use cameras as “Things”, but we offer Media Tiles compatible with MJPEG streams served by many types of cameras or transcoded through Blue Iris, VLC, Kerberos, or try TinyCam Pro App for Android.


Garage doors are supported in SharpTools.io so I’ll reach out to you via PM to see what’s going on. :slight_smile: Note that if you simply aren’t seeing the Garage Door in your list of devices to authorize, you might try the following steps which let you authorize additional device types:

As Terry mentioned, SmartThings doesn’t provide direct access to camera streams, but many camera models can either stream directly or through one of the apps mentioned by Terry. You can find more details on using SharpTools.io Media Tiles here:

And iSpyConnect has a great database where you can find MJPEG and JPEG URLs which can be used with Media Tiles:

Unfortunately, it is not shown in my list of available devices.
I have MyQ and its in Smartthings app so not sure why its not appearing in Sharptools and I cannot seem to add it

Thanks for the clarification. Have you tried the suggestion linked above in the ‘Energy Meter not recognized’ thread?

  1. Open the SmartThings Classic mobile app
  2. Select the Automation tab at bottom
  3. Select the SmartApps tab at top
  4. Find SharpTools in the list and tap it
  5. Tap the Next button to see the additional authorization types
  6. Select your additional devices
  7. Press Save

I checked its not listed

You tapped the ‘Which actuators?’ and/or ‘Which sensors?’ input fields and didn’t see the MyQ garage door listed there at all? I sent you a PM - perhaps you could reply with a screenshot of what the ‘Which actuators?’ list is showing after you tap on it via the PM?

If I remember correctly, MyQ is not officially supported by SmartThings, so are you using a specific community integration? If so, can you link to it?

Just wanted to post an update here that the custom device handler needed a minor update so it would be selectable in SharpTools. :slight_smile:

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