Wall mounted tablet for smart home...do I really need it?

That’s how I feel. Sometimes I’ll browse amazon just to try to find new things to mess with lol

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@chadbaldwin Kindred spirits – I just spent 20 minutes doing the same thing before getting into bed. Every time, I end up closing the browser tab in disappointment because there’s nothing new on the horizon. Sometimes, I wonder where all the home robots are…?


Hope and wait for V3 hub and rebuild even better?

In all seriousness I constantly try to make mine pay for itself by saving energy. My thermostats are way smart.

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Well, bad news for me. Just went to install LANnouncer on my Samsung Tab 3 and it doesn’t support 4.4.2 of Android :frowning:

I googled around and it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of people rooting and flashing with Android 5+

Is there something else I can use other than LANnouncer?

I’ve been reading up on Magic Mirror - great forum. https://forum.magicmirror.builders

I’m going to give it a go and build one too. Was wondering where/how best to overlap with ST and Smart Tiles. Keen to hear your results.

Wondering if its possible to take an event feed out of ST, a news ticker of events/notifications, and have that as an RSS feed scrolling in the magic mirror as a news module?

I was also reading on their forum folks having issue with the PiR module so was just going to use a standard ST motion sensor to turn on/off the screen when motion detected.

Are you going to use a tablet or RasPi?

Last weekend I wrote an iFrame plugin that you can use smartTiles to display. Its nothing special and it’s my fall back solution.

The motion sensor may work, but not sure on the delay. Seems expensive to turn off monitor ($30 for motion and another $25 for a power outlet) I plan on ordering a PiR module this weekend to get it integrated. Seems like the majority of issues was not having the right node/modules or TV not supporting HDMI standby.

Last night I started working on the SmartApp for the API. Not sure if I can pull out a ticker of all notifications. You have to subscribe to devices and poll them. I was hoping SmartTiles would be instant update, but ended up being about 30 seconds between polls.

In my opinion the Raspberry Pi is the way to go. For about $100 you can get much larger display than you can with a tablet (24 inch can be had for around $80) Touch screen functionality is lost under glass/acrylic and even if it wasn’t there would be smudges. The new Pi3 have built in wifi and you can do quite a bit with it.

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SmartTiles V6 will be virtually instant, as it grabs events pushed by SmartThings.


RasPi + Magic Mirror2

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I have an old flat screen TV that I’m thinking of doing the same thing to, with the thinking that I can sideload SmartThings and SmartTimes into an Android stick.

Let me know how you get on with this.

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Good to know. I was planning on having a node.js service running on the pi to have ST send hub action messages.

Here is a preview of how the iframe looks running SmartTiles. You can resize it and move it to any location on the screen.


Sweet! Would webcam streams show up ok?

@tgauchat quick question - can a tile simply state date and time of last motion detected?

I have a number of uses for that type of tile display. Thanks

Whatever SmartTiles can show the iFrame will be able to show it.

@625alex and I are thinking about “hybrid” or “custom” Tiles that do not map directly to specific SmartThings Capabilities. SmartThings, for example, does not report the date and time of a Motion Sensor, only whether or not there is currently motion.

So we have a few ideas like this on our Feature consideration list for V6.

Thanks for the Idea.

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OK thanks.

An RSS news ticker across the footer of a Tiles Dashboard would work too. Ive recently setup an auto blogging IF channel to record ST events/notifications to a private blog just so I can have an RSS feed coming out of ST. Plenty of ideas on how that could be used. Smart Tiles and Magic Mirror are top of my wish list.


Magic Mirror has a built in RSS feed module, so it would be easy to plug into that. Its not a ticket, but fades in and out events. Doubt if it would be had to make it a ticker.


Great. The challenge is on Smart Tiles @tgauchat :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to replace an old alarm keypad with a tablet. Do you thing I could use the wire that went to the keypad to power the tablet. Planned on splicing the correct USB end to each side. The wires is 22 awg. Thanks

If it’s 5vdc I don’t see why not? But I’d be careful.

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