Wall light switch controlled plug outlet (no neutral wire)

I need help with finding either a on/off light switch that can control a single pole outlet (NO NEUTRAL wire) OR a wall outlet that can be controlled by the wall switch to turn on a floor lamp with an LED blub. It can be Z-wave or Zigbee.

I have bought Inovelli Red Series Dimmer Switches and have a Aeotec Nano bypass.

This thread explains my situation however I don’t want to use/do the solution that user “JohnRob” provided.

I know I can use something like the peanut plugs however I would like it to be a smart switch or outlet.

Thanks in advance.

I’m having the same problem with your post that I have with the thread that you link to which is that what it says can’t be what exists. Eventually in that thread they figured it out but let’s see if we can get it cleared up at the beginning for you here.

First of all, every outlet must have a neutral. It won’t work otherwise. And indeed, in the thread that you linked to it is shown that there is a neutral at the outlet.

A single pole switch switch On the other hand might not have a neutral at the switchbox because the switch is effectively just a cutout of the existing circuit branch.

So let’s back up. If I understand you correctly you have an existing dumb wall switch which is wired to an existing dumb outlet. You also bought some other smart equipment but let’s not bring that into the picture yet.

First things first, as they also say that other thread, you can’t use a dimmer switch to control an outlet. It’s not safe and it does not meet US electrical code. (Unless it’s a special kind of outlet and it’s labeled and you will never plug anything else into it… Anyway that’s a whole separate thing and it’s not what you’re trying to do here.)

So let’s talk about what you are trying to do. You have a dumb floor lamp with a dumb LED bulb, is that correct? You would like to have a switch on the wall that can control that floor lamp. And you also want it to be a dimmer switch. And you want to be able to dim it from your smartthings home automation system.

Forgetting about the wiring for a moment, is that a correct description of what you want to do?

Hi JDRoberts,

Yes I have a standard light switch that turns on the bottom plug on the outlet. The jumper on the outlet has to be broken so that the light switch can control the outlet. As far as I can see I only see the line, load and ground (14/2) wire in both boxes. All the bedroom light switches in my house are wired this way (very annoying). I can double check the outlet box but I’m almost positive thats correct.

Yes the lamp and LED bulb are dumb.

As far as being able to dim the light with the switch, that would be a nice to have however I can do that with a dimmable smart bulb.

BTW I’m using SMTH hub v2 with classic app.

Thanks again for all you help and suggestions.

If you get a dimmable smart bulb, then it’s super easy. :sunglasses:

Just get the Lutron aurora dimmer switch for hue bulbs and put it over the existing dumb switch. You leave the existing dumb switch in the on position.

You don’t have to use the Hue bridge for this, but I do recommend it, it will give you a lot more options.

And that’s it. No wiring needed, you can do the whole thing in about five minutes.

The bulb can be controlled either from the network or anything which integrates with Hue bridge including smart things. And from the switch on the wall, which will be very intuitive as it works just like a regular physical rotary dimmer.

image image

I now have four of these in my own house, they work great. :blush:

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Are you talking about the outlet here, or the switch?

If you’re thinking of using a smart bulb, then you really should not switch the outlet at all. Smart bulbs don’t work well unless they always have power.

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Interesting. But, of course, not usable if you have Decora style switches.

The issue here is that the light switch is a paddle switch, I know minor cost compared to the smart switches. I do have a enough of the EcoSmart bubs with remotes that I can use but I would have to buy new lamps.


I was looking for a more simple less device solution but this give me something to think about… Thanks again.

you can just swap out the existing dumb rocker for a dumb toggle first, they are very inexpensive. They have a new wall plate which will cover the wider opening.

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Originally I thought it was both, I know for sure the light switch only has the line, load and ground. I just checked the outlet box and it does appear to have a neutral wire. See the photo.

The Inovelli Red Series Dimmer Switches do work if I use a 60w cfl/e26 bulb, however I stopped using and only have one CLF E26 bulb and all the floor lamps take E12 bulbs. The Inovelli was flickering because the lamp was using less the 25w, thats why I had ordered the Aeotec Nano bypass but I missed the Inovelli thread above.

Edit: Sorry, forgot you don’t have neutral in the switch box. Disregard the rest of this

Have a look at the Zooz ZEN21. As they mentioned, they now support not using the internal relay. That would, I believe, mean the load terminal of the switch would not be energized when the switch was flipped.

Do that, rewire or replace your outlet so that neither socket is switched, and get a smart bulb.

I have a lot of their ZEN26 switches for LED bulbs but had to use a ZEN21 for one set of lights that were sensitive to the current trickle the ZEN26 uses to power itself.

For future reference, there really is no way to wire an outlet without a neutral.
The only reason you can do it with a switch is that the neutral runs up to the light or switched appliance, but the line runs through the physical switch.