Waching Machine interface changed

Who was the ““very smart”” developer at Smart Things who decided it was a good idea to change the interface of the waching machine.

Old on top.

A two year old coding skills at the bottom.
Everything was fine yesterday.

How do i change it back

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There is no way to change the presentation of the app. Your only option would be to find the old version of the ST app somewhere on the net and install that back onto your device. Eventually though, it will get updated to a new version as well.

I got a notification earlier this month that the dryer will receive an update on the interface. I got that today but come on guys, this interface is horrible and has huge bugs. As you can see all the cycle options available are not longer listed but the buttons are there and I can select those blanks ones, however I have no idea what are those for.

This needs to be fixed

You need to open up a customer support case in the mobile app. I don’t think any of the appliance group will be monitoring this forum.

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Lets not blame the developers, they do not design the interface they implement the predetermined design. In the case of missing functionality, QA are not responsible for go live decisions either… :yum:

So who is responsible for all the designs implemented in smartthings?

@all4dom UI/UX designers I would assume coupled with corporate style, design and content considerations…

In my experience as a software/firmware engineer & manager, that kind of change was “handed down” from product managers/marketing people. The engineer implementing it (who may have said, like you did, “WTF!”) are simply handling assignments they have been given. :unamused: