Voice Synthesis commands

I just started working on Smartthings today. I modified ESPEAKWEB on the raspberry pi to use google translate text-to-speech and give me several different commands that say different things (“back door” “side door” etc). It sounds great! Happy to share the code modified from this:

It works great as a device in smartthings and when I push the various buttons the Pi speaks on command.

Now as far as integrating it, all the examples of smart apps that employ speech synthesis all appear to use Sonos.

I just need a smart app that will call certain commands in my ESpeakweb device when door sensors are opened and closed.

Anyone have a suggestion of where to start?

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Check out EchoSistant… It uses speech synthesis

Core controls speech synthesis directly!

Thanks, it works great.

This gives an easy cheap way to add speech to home automation… at least until Alexa becomes more useful.

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There are multiple smartapps and projects using text to speech for announcements with SmartThings. Some use an android device like LANnouncer, some use the echo like AskAlexa and EchoSistant. Some use the $49 Aeon Doorbell, which can play up to 99 different custom MP3s. Some use a PC-based system. And of course as you noted, many of these also integrate with core. :sunglasses:

I think yours is the first using a raspberry pi, which is cool.

If you’d like to take a look at some of the others, the fastest way to find them is probably to use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. That’s divided into three sections: smart apps, device type handlers, and projects. I know there are voice lists in both the smartapps and the project sections, you might take a look at those.

The community is very creative, and there are often many different ways to approach a problem. :tada:


Thanks for the input. My raspberry pi now plays a randomly selected ring tone from several MP3 loaded on the pi when the Ring doorbell button is pushed.

And it speaks all status changes in the security system.

Fun to do but the Echo will ultimately be an easier and more eloquent option.

Here is an example of Raspberry Pi using Google TTS to give custom status updates.

Nice voice on that…

I’d love to see your code

nevermind… just found it… lol

You’ve got to check out EchoSistant and AskAlexa… those two apps make the Echo’s worth while.

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Will the echo speak back tts commands without a separate speaker?

No unfortunately not.