Voice Notifications Over An In Home Speaker

I am using a smartthings open close sensor to send me a notification when the mailbox is opened that says “Your mail has been delivered” but I want it to come over a speaker in my house. Here is my only solution so far, get an old iphone (or android) and turn on spoken notifications under accessibility settings (or download an app on android) then attach this phone to a speaker(s) and keep it on all day long, therefore when the notification comes up it reads it out loud, this is all well and good but I would have to have a speaker(s) dedicated to nothing but speaking notifications, and I would also have to buy a bunch of phones/have an always charging solution… anyway I was wondering if anyone could think of something smarter maybe using IFTTT? Please feel free to think outloud/submit incomplete ideas maybe it will spark someone else mind to finish it! THANKS!

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