Virtual Thermostat min/max temp?

(williamn) #1

I started using the virtual thermostat application with an outlet and a temperature sensor. When the temperature reaches turns on the outlet but it never seems to turn it off at the desired programmed temperature of 71.

I’d like to have the outlet turn on at 70F and then turn off at 72F. Is there something available that does this?

I’m currently using IFTTT to accomplish this but I was hoping I was missing something or maybe there was another app out there.

(Brian) #2

Keep me Cozy Smartapp.

(Joe Tosto) #3

Hi William - I currently use the virtual thermostat app in conjunction with a multi sense temperature sensor and a z-wave relay and it works great. What I’ve found however, is that your temperature range is too narrow for the actual sensors as they are accurate to +/- 2 degrees. I also find that the greater the temperature difference outside, vs. the desired temp, the better it works. As for turning the a/c units on and off, if you set the desired temp at 72 degrees for a/c, the a/c will turn on at around 74 and then once the temperature drops back down , the a/c will shut off. The same is true for the heat. So net-net, my experience is that it works great, but if the outside temp is close to the desired temp, it gets a little weird. Hope this helps.