Virtual thermostat in Celsius

Hi All,

I’m using some code for my Hive heating system controlled in SmartThings which gives me a simple up/down thermostat in SmartThings which works great.

This used to work perfectly on Alexa too, until Hive released their “Skill” and now Alexa won’t see the thermostat (presumably so you are forced to use the skill).

Due to the skill being completely useless (I.e. It doesn’t work) I was going to make a virtual thermostat and link my Hive one too it using CoRE (Turn one up/down, it changes the other) so I can use it on Alexa again…however there isn’t a simple thermostat virtual DT as far as I can tell in Celsius - only F.

Anyone got some basic code for one? It doesn’t need all this heat/cool/boost/make me a coffee stuff. Just a up, down



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