Virtual switch smartapp with ADT SmartThings?

I want to use IFTTT and a virtual switch in my classic SmartThings app, but it doesn’t show up as an option due to having the ADT branded SmartThings hub. Is there a way to add the virtual switch functionality to my account?

Having the ADT hub doesn’t change the way virtual switches work with IFTTT.

However, if what you are asking is if you can use a virtual switch to arm/disarm the ADT security features, that’s a different question, independent of IFTTT.

What exactly were you trying to accomplish?

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I don’t have the option of even creating a virtual switch inside the classic app like non-ADT users can since we don’t have as many preloaded smartapps. I just want to know if it’s possible to add the virtual switch smartapp to my account manually somehow.

You can add a virtual device manually from the IDE.

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Manual instructions in the old FAQ:

FAQ: Creating a virtual Device

Awesome, thanks for the help. Didn’t realize you can manually add one. I appreciate it!

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