Virtual Switch Integration

Hi Guys,

I really feel like an idiot been crawling the boards and cant find anything about this.

I have a bunch of Philips Hue, Z-Wave light switches. My goal is to create a Virtual Switch that would encompass all my lights and I would be able to turn all of them on and off. I dont mind calling a routine or a scene but my end goal is to have IFTTT to be able to connect to it. Hence why a Virtual Switch is the way to go.

I am able to create the virtual switch but I got no idea how to add the bulbs under this virtual switch.

Thanks guys, please end my misery.


Though not necessarily comprehensive start by using either Smart Lighting (in Marketplace) or a Routine (which, I’d recommend, you use to trigger an on and off Scene from the Switch).

(Why not optimal? Neither method will flip your Virtual Switch if you activate some or all of the lights with some other method or manually. Also no dimming or color. For that, consider trying Community SmartApp “Trendsetter”).

I need it to be available on ifttt hence why apps won’t work.

IFTTT will still work!!!

You use IFTTT to trigger the Virtual Switch which in turn triggers the SmartApps.

Maybe you need more experience with SmartThings before adding IFTTT…

Awesome, ok… I didn’t know I needed to use apps under a switch. I was just trying to throw the bulbs under it.

Works perfect with smart lights app.

Sorry one more question, where do I find the community apps…

We have a super active forum participant (@JDRoberts) who offers cut & paste and custom answers for new Community members, but he’s taking some well deserved time off.

So I’m going to answer much less eloquently than him:

  1. There is no single place to find Community SmartApps. A lot of them are in this Forum, so just patiently and aggressively use the search :mag: function. And Google – The entire Forum is indexed on Google too! Super easy to search for “Trend Setter” for example.

  2. A subset of good Community SmartApps are listed on

  3. An alternative to specific SmartApps is WebCoRE at

  4. Finally, a reminder, please search, search, search before you post. This forum has been around for 5 years, so nearly every question has already been answered. There is entire Category of “Frequently Asked Questions” and curated answers; … and lots of ad hoc answers and discussions, obviously.

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