Virtual Socket/Switch Timer (Countdown to on/off)

(Paul Beckett) #1


I’m looking for someone who can develop a “Virtual Socket/Switch Timer” SmartApp.

Basically I would like to be able to run a Smart App on-demand to switch on/off after a set period of time following pressing the button.

For instance, run Virtual Timer to “switch off socket after 3 hours once iRobot Braava mopping robot has charged” or "switch of socket after 30 hours once clothes are dry (heated clothes airer).

The Smartapp would allow for a certain period of time delay (e.g. 3 hours, 30 hours, 20 mins) to be set before on/off as opposed to a specific time (which is currently possible as an automation).

(Ray) #2

If all you want is timer for off then there are 2 options readily available right now without a new app. You could use the SmartThings smart lighting smartapp and select power allowance.
I have one instance for turning off my Washroom fan after 55 mins here.

Or if you want more advance logics then use CoRE SmartApp.