Virtual panic button

Hi All,
I have a siren and a lot of philips hue bulbs. I would like to make a button where i could push it and all the lights turn red on 100% and the siren gets set off. is this possible?

CoRE should be able to do that.


You want your button to depend on internet and ST?

It’s pretty easy to do in SmartThings, but as @ero4444 said, it will depend on the SmartThings cloud account being available to you, which it isn’t always. So I would not recommend it for something which is truly a life-threatening emergency.

But if you just want it as an additional alert, knowing that it might fail, then it’s pretty straightforward because most sirens are just treated as a “switch” in SmartThings.

You can also do this with ST smart lighting. First setup with hue bulbs turn on and color. Don’t add the siren in yet. Complete the whole setup and once you are done. Go back in there and add the siren or any switch in there. I don’t use this as a panic button but I modified my siren to about 3% volume and using hue bulbs with a minimote for my crazy kids to play with their cousins. 4 buttons 4 colors.


Hi @Navat604 , but in SmartLighting (Classic App) how do you trigger the action with a virtual button (or how do you create it?) ? The option in the smart app only list physical devices …

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In this case, you can create a virtual device for yourself, but the method is a little different depending on whether you are using the new V3 app or the older classic app.

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