Virtual garage door to use with Alexa

Hi there,

I’m trying to use a virtual garage door to use with Alexa to Use as open/close. I would have ifttt do the delivery of the message to gogogate. Another virtual switch shows in the echo app but the garagedoors don’t. I refreshed and discovered few times.

Any idea how to do this?


That does not show up in the echo app either

I use this

GoControl Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module - FS20Z-1

Alexa only knows “Open” so to open or close the door I just tell her open the garage door

Alexa doesn’t support garage door devices for liability reasons. Switches, dimmers and thermostats only.

I find this the easiest way … create a on / off button tile virtual switch in the IDE (name it - something other than the NAME OF THE PHYSICAL device) … as @anon36505037 instructions above then turn on XYZ , Turn OFF XYZ once you auth the use the Virtual switch in the ALexa App.

You can also use Ask Alexa App - the language is sometimes more natural “open / close garage door” and you can get the “status” of the garage door by asking Alexa (if you lying in bed wondering some sleepless night).

Let us know if you need more help !

I’m giving the askalexa app a try later this week. Thnx

There is a “thread” for that too if you need help or get stuck. You will love it

I use a mimolite on my garage door and have it in ST as a momentary contact sensor and it works just fine with Amazon Echo. I keep the echo in a location that it cannot be triggerered from the exterior of the home although I could see a use case if I locked myself out of my house but not at the expense of my family’s safety.