How to get Alexa to control my GoControl garage door opener

For some reason, altho it shows up in the Echo app, I can’t control my opener through the app or my Echo devices … all it does is show status. Now that I have an Echo in the garage it would be really handy to be able to tell it to open or close the door. The best idea I’ve had (which I haven’t tried yet) is to great a virtual switch in ST, have Alexa turn the switch off and on, and then create an ST routine that controls the door based on the virtual switch. Of course this will only work if the Echo can control the virtual switch. Anybody know if this will work, or have a better idea for how to do this?

You pinned it. That’ll work. Just make sure to toggle back the VS a few seconds later. Or do a momentary switch.

OK so I did try making the virtual switch and it shows up in the Echo app. Looks like I can make a routine that will respond to it and open or close the garage door. I’ll test this when I get home. Why do I need to toggle the VS?

Let’s say that turning the VS on opens the garage. If someone manually closes the garage, your VS will still be on- and that will mess you up on future uses. Better to create routine for ‘if VS changes to ON, open the garage’, and then have the VS turn off so it’s ready for next use. For closing, use a second VS.

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Oh, right. So I made an automation in ST that says, if the VS switches to on, open the door. But if I manually close it, now the door is closed but the VS is on, not off. If I try to tell the Echo to open the door again, it will set the switch to on, but since it’s already on the automation won’t open it.
This is trickier than it seems! :smiley:

You all are trying too hard. I have mine controlled and it works quite well. I use the classic app on android.

In the App, Go to My Home (bottom bar) and then tap on your garage door.

Tap the gear in the upper right hand corner

Select Enable Switch Capability. You then have to decide if On is open, or On is closed. For example, I used On as open.

Save your settings.

Go to Alexa, and tell her to discover your devices (don’t know if this step is actually necessary).

Tell Alexa “Turn on the .” In my example, it would Open. Tun Off will close it.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Right- because your automation states that if the VS CHANGES TO on. If it was on from previous use, it won’t work. That’s why you wanna have something like ‘if VS is on for > 10 seconds, turn it off’

Hey Ken I like your solution MUCH better. Only one problem. I’m also using the classic app, and I don’t have that option in my settings. I am clearly using a different DH than you - I’m using the Z-wave Garage Door opener type. My actual hardware is the Linear GoControl Garage Door Opener. What DH or device type do I need to use to get this setting?

OK a quick search of the community shows a couple of DH’s that look like they allow this … one from RBoy and one from garyD9. Are you using one of these and if so which one? RBoy’s stuff looks good but since I’m cheap I haven’t bought anything from him yet. Seems like there is usually a good free DH somewhere.

It looks like I could address this by making a routine that sets the state of the switch whenever the door is opened or closed. Thus if my echo routine turns the switch on, and this activates an ST routine that detects the change to on and opens the door, a second ST routine could detect the door being open and also set the switch to on. This shouldn’t cause any issues, but if the door is manually opened, or opened from the ST app, the ST routine would update the switch to keep it in the right state. A bit of a pain, but should all work then w/out any special DH’s for the GoControl.

I am using GOULNER’s RG Linear GD00Z Garage Door Opener DTH

So I was able to get this to work w/a somewhat ridiculous number of scenes and routines. I won’t bore you w/the details but in addition to the virtual switch I had to make two routines in the echo app, and 4 routines in ST. This keeps the VS in sync w/the opener when it is activated manually.
@KenW48360, I looked for the DH in the community and didn’t find it. Do you have a link? Given that my system works I’m not sure I need it, but I’d like to check it out.

Turn off the switch. that’s what I do.