Virtual dimmer in 2021?

I’ve tried searching but when results from 2013 come up I know any solutions found there will no longer work :persevere: I have ST, a Bond bridge for controlling 3 ceiling fans with lights and Action Tiles on an Android tablet. I have the ceiling fans in ST via Bond and have separate light and fan control “devices” for each ceiling fan. The fan control in ST lets me pick a speed, not just on/off. When I try to bring that into AT it just gives me a switch for the fan, no speed selection. Is there any kind of way to do a virtual dimmer in ST to control fan speed then use that in AT to control the fan? I can no longer run the Classic ST app so all the old topics I see that talk about using that are unfortunately not an option :disappointed:

You can still add a virtual dimmer via IDE. The trick will be getting the virtual dimmer to mirror the fan control. It might be possible to use the Smart Lighting smartapp’s mirror setting. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything setup to test with.

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Thanks for the quick response! I was able to do virtual dimmers in the IDE for each fan then use WebCore to watch for changes in the virtual dimmers and turn them into commands to the fans. The virtual dimmers in ActionTiles give the option to set the level from the tile so I am all set now!


@jwflutterby Can you post some more details on how you did it? I have the same exact setup w/ ST, Bond and AT but still new to all this and haven’t figured it out yet. Thanks

Did you figure this out? I’m just now seeing your reply :woman_facepalming: If you still have questions let me know and I’ll post more details on how I got it working…

Since it is now late 2021 and we know that the future is going to be “edge drivers“ instead of groovy DTHs, if you want to start working with those a community member has contributed an edge “channel“ that includes a device level virtual device which could be used for this.

However, since the entire edge platform is itself still in beta, you have to consider this driver as in beta as well. So I don’t know if you want to take that path. But if you’re interested, here it is:

[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users