Vibration alerts on multipurpose sensors

(might be my fake name?) #1

Daily, I am getting up to five alerts that my multi-purpose sensors have detected a vibration.

They are the smartthings multipurpose sensors… In the middle of the night, in the middle of the day, there is no rhyme or reason for this. And I know there is no reason for them to be sensing a vibration. Anybody else experiencing this? This has been going on for months. I’ve ignored it for the most part. Chalking it up to just one of those smart thing quirks…

(Anthony Loh) #2

I also have this issue and have been having it since late last year… I thought it would’ve been addressed by now. When I got my multipurpose sensor it worked marvellously at first, but after a couple months it started getting going off multiple times throughout the day.

(DavidK) #3

I just started to have this issue last week. Rock solid and now false positives.