Veracode audits SmartThings

Results OK


Network World says SmartThings did the best of those tested. Basically if you have cloud control of individual devices, you have a security vulnerability, just a fact. But it would take a dedicated personalized attack to hack ST that way.

1. Account Compromise
Access to a user’s account would provide an attacker with the ability to view and manipulate
all of the products and services paired with the Hub. This may include light/power switches,
door sensors, and more.

Uh, duh… Glad ST came out strong.

We might also note, though that Staples Connect wasn’t included in the comparison tests because it has no cloud controls, not even an IFTTT channel.

And the audit didn’t evaluate SmartThings’ IFTTT channel, which I suspect adds back in some of the vulnerabilities mentioned.

As always, pluses for one person are minuses for another. It depends on your own priorities.

Anyone figure out the password to telnet into our hubs? :slight_smile:

I found this interesting:

SmartThings did the best by only failing a telnet test, though there aren’t many details about the test parameters.

Very interesting–people have been talking about it all day. There are already two forum topics on this study, one with links to the full study.

Or try this one if you’re a new forum member.

Well, it’s good to know that I have/had every single one of these risky devices in my home. Yikes!

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