Security Concern in ST platform

I recently found the videos and blog regarding security fault found by Michigan University students that it is possible to get the control of the smart devices in home by hackers. Is the problem is fixed. or is there way to fix this from my side.

Educate yourself. Its the only thing you can do besides trust large companies which is only ok if you don’t have a lot to lose.

I don’t think anyone online wants to visit my house, and they’ll get pictures taken of them anyways, so hope they’re photogenic!


University of Michigan in 2016? Or something more recent?

If it was the 2016 report, see the following (this is a clickable link):


In case it wasn’t made clear, the best way to avoid the risks documented in the study is to not install arbitrary SmartApp or DTH source code without trusting the provider and understanding what the code is doing.


So stay away from this forum is what you are saying because it’s addicting AND some of these ne’er do wells create nefarious code?

I’m down with that… :wink:


You could just not use it. Everything is hackable. People will always try to take stuff down. There will always be bad guys. Just strap your tinfoil hat on and sit in the basement and hope for the best.

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