valueTile tutorial doesn't work

Hi all,

I think I’m going crazy, but maybe it’s just a minor thing that I constantly overlook. I can’t get a valueTile populated:

    metadata {
        definition (name: "Fibaro Thermostat", namespace: "DuMees", author: "Remy Koelemij") {
            capability "Battery"
            capability "Power"

            attribute "battery", "NUMBER"

            fingerprint mfr:"010F", prod:"1301", model:"1000", deviceJoinName: "Fibaro Z-Wave Thermostat"

      tiles(scale: 2) {
            valueTile("text", "device.text", width: 2, height: 2) {
                state "val", label:'${currentValue}', defaultState: true


    def installed() {
        sendEvent(name: "text", value: "120%")


    def parse(String description) {

I borrowed this from an example, did the tutorial but it doesn’t seem to work. Did something changed and the documentation is not updated?



Try adding isStateChange : true to the sendEvent

sendEvent(name: “text”, value: “120%”, isStateChange: true)

‘text’ should be added as an attribute in the metadata definition block