V2 Hub Really is Better (zwave plus)

The V2 hub uses zwave plus, the latest generation of zwave. Some of the V1 hubs Are zwave plus, but the older ones, like mine, used the previous zwave generation.

Zwave plus is a big improvement over zwave in a number of technical areas, including range.

With my V1 hub, I had a lot of issues getting the correct status from my Zwave lock. Commands to lock or unlock did work, but status updates didn’t always get through, which was frustrating.

I ended up having to put a beaming repeater plugin module quite close to the door, just to get the signal to go around the corner.

Because we are rearranging some things in the house, I have a nightlight that I wanted to put on a Z wave plugin. But I’ve been putting off buying another one. So today, I had my techie aide over, and we decided, what the heck, we’d try moving the one we’ve been using as the door lock repeater into the other room and just see what happened.

And it worked! The V2 hub is able to communicate cleanly and clearly with my front door lock in one hop where the V1 hub was not. Excellent. :sunglasses:


Awesome! Glad to see a real world example of the newer chip working better! :smile:


Yep. My lock never had trouble, but the Leviton dimmer on a different floor would often not update or would fail to respond altogether. I’ve not had the first problem since moving to V2.

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It’s great to see that an update piece of hardware actually is better than the first. I never used the V1 hub, but I did use the Wink hub.

Even with my limited experience with the tech in my home, I have to say, I am very impressed with the technology.

I read a lot of complaints on this forum, but I take them with a grain of salt. I understand technology and I understand how all of these thing not only are supposed to work, but how they actually do work.

Honestly, I have no complaints. I love everything about my HA.