Using Tempeature Differential to Activate a Switch When Above a Certain Temperature?

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Does anyone know of a smart app for smartthings that measures the difference between two temperature sensors (inside and outside) and will allow you to turn a switch on if the inside temperature is greater than a set point?

Basically, if its cold outside and warm inside and the temperature inside is above a set-point, turn on the fan.



“Whole House Fan” is intended for exactly that use case.

One) open the SmartThings mobile app

Two) tap the “marketplace” icon at the bottom right of the screen

Three) tap “smart apps” at the top right of the screen

Four) select “climate control”

Five) scroll down until you see the whole house fan smart app. Tap on it to start its set up wizard.

If that doesn’t meet your specific needs, I’m sure core could do it. It’s just much more complicated to set up.

OK thanks JDRoberts, the whole house fan is not quite right as I don’t think it lets you enter a temperature differential (i.e. if inside - outside <-10F and inside >70 then turn on. I will have a look into this CoRE.

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OK so I have the CoRE APP installed on my phone via Github and Smartthing IDE but when I try and create a variable I get the error “You are not authorized to perform the requested operation”. Also the pistons I am trying to create disappear one I leave the CoRE SmartApp. Any ideas?

CoRE is quite complex… It has its own peer assistance thread where the CoRE experts hang out. Ask your question there and they’ll be happy to help. :sunglasses: