App to to derive current temperature, max and min in a outdoor-indoor environment (green house)?

I would like to look up the current temperature, max and min of my basic greenhouse. I used it to tracked this with a low cost unit like this:

The challenge was that the sensor kept dying. Plus it did not have any way of monitoring it remotely or a way to get alerts.

Since I am now dabbling in ST, I would like to build smartapps for this. Currently, I have put a motion sensor and set a IFTTT rule which says alert me if temperature reaches above xx. However, I would like to do more as described above.

Is there an app that does this? I can write/modify code if something is available to close to what I need. In addition, what device will be best for this? it will be great if I can find a weatherproof temperature and humidity sensor as well.
Thank you!!

Core can certainly handle the software side.

As for devices, what are the operating specs? Functional temperature range, distance from the main house, degree of Precision for the reporting requirements, humidity range in the greenhouse, and is it clear glass, blue tinted glass, or something else for the walls?

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Also, are you in the US or the UK? The device selection is somewhat different. :sunglasses:

Sorry for the delayed reply. It is a busy time at work and home.

Thanks for all the responses.

I live in US (San Jose area). I know some requirements, not all. I would like to (manually) open the Green house door when it gets too hot and close it when cool (I wish I could automate that too, maybe secondary project). This is the reason for the temperature-based alerts. Also, I would like the humidity. It will be also good to get the highs and lows so I can understand the outdoor temperature to how my greenhouse is holding up. While I dont need anything too elaborate, I can see this being used in “outdoor-indoor” locations like cars, sheds, greenhouses etc which does not have its own temperature control and is also more susceptible to elements.

My (high school) teen saw the issue I was having and put together a small ST program which sends text to my phone with the current temperature when I “pull” the trigger. The trigger he had for me is to open the multipurpose sensor since I had one unused. He said he will work on it more but we have not had the time.

While I am using the motion sensor as a sensor for the temperature, I would like one that has temperature and humidity. I noted that some people refered the Iris sensor but I see no price or functional advantage to the ST motion sensor.

In the meantime, I have been working on the Christmas lights and the GE outdoor switch is out of stock in many places (ugh!). My nearest Lowes shows it has two; hopefully I can get it. There seems to be no alternatives for the GE Z wave outdoor switch (model number 12720) or is there?

Thank you all.