Using SmartThings hub in parallel with ADT Pulse

Is it possible to use a SmartThings hub in parallel with an ADT Pulse alarm system? I don’t have any desire to integrate the two. I’d rather have all my z-wave devices on a SmartThings hub and leave the alarm to do it’s thing. Would I have to do anything to the ADT alarm so there isn’t conflict? Or can the two work side-by-side?

The systems can work side-by-side as long as you aren’t expecting the same sensors to work on both systems.

Correct. I want the ADT to do what it does best and have the SmartThings hub handle all the light switches, door sensors, dimmers, cameras, etc. that aren’t related to the alarm system so I can purchase z-wave products that ADT doesn’t support. I wasn’t sure if there would be any conflicts since ADT and SmartThings are both z-wave controller/hubs.

Yes. They both work with Z-wave, but each device only communicates with the hub it was paired with. My ADT Pulse system has wired sensors, so I’m not certain there isn’t a problem, but it may be like connecting to your WiFi network when your neighborhood uses the same frequency.

I don’t have adt pulse but check this post, maybe it applies


By following your advice, I was able to connect my SmartThings Hub to my ADT Pulse systems as a secondary controller with my devices now appearing in both environments. I would now like to try and implement the Z-Wave Tweaker” utility to set the “Life Line” associations you mentioned. Can you provide a bit more detail on how to do this? Once I install the utility, what specifically do I have to do to set the Life Line associations for all my devices? I’m not a developer, but I follow directions pretty well:) Thanks for any help you can provided.

Has anyone paired ADT Pulse with the 2018 SmartThings Hub. I can’t see how to get it into pairing mode to sync up.

I am new to ADT Pulse and wanted to clarify what my understanding is. I recently upgraded my alarm system to ADT Pulse (all my sensors are wired), partly because of the integration possibilities with ST. It turns out I didn’t buy their ‘plus’ version so I can’t add anything yet and am trying to figure out if it’s worth it. Here are my 2 questions:

  1. Once you connect the two hubs together, is it true that you can no longer add Z-Wave devices in the ST hub? That’s a non-starter for me as I already have a number of devices that i am pretty sure are not supported by ADT, hence I will never be able to add them.

  2. Does connecting the two give you access to the wired sensors in the ADT system? E.g., I have a number of wired motion sensors that I want to use in ST.

Thanks a lot in advance!