Using smartthings app to control Hue lights and Color?

Is it possible to use the smartthings app to control the color of my hue not just on/off functions?
I’d like to build movie watching routines and not have to use the Hue ap to set colors.

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Yes, with the official Hue Connect app, you can turn on, set color, set brightness level, change color of all your Hue bulbs directly through ST app.

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@RLDreams that’s my question - How do I do that? Is there a How to, or FAQ on their integration?

[deleted].posted a link to connecting Hue directly to ST. If using hue connect simply open ST app , select things & scroll down to add new things. If you look at the bottom of the search page it has a link to add Hue devices . Simply select a Hue bulb from the list of lights & it will have you login & link your Hue account

If I understand your question, you’re asking how to set up automations that change the color on your Hue bulbs that are attached to the hue bridge and integrated with SmartThings through the official integration . Is that correct?

If so, you have a couple of options.

You can use the official smart lighting feature for “turn on and set color”. That’s going to be the simplest way. It does let you set color and brightness. But it doesn’t give you access to scenes you build in the hue app.

If you want something fancier with more options, you can use core. That will also let you set rules (which core calls Pistons) to trigger scenes.

But the smart lighting feature may meet your needs, and it’s definitely simpler. :sunglasses::bulb:

@JDRoberts thank you. I will play with using ST directly with Hue. I am hoping I can build something like - “Living Room movie” Google home voice command to switch on the 4 lights and specific colors for each. Later get a harmony hub to set the AV to the correct config at the same time.

Sorry, but just to be clear… I don’t recommend using hue bulbs with smartthings unless you are using the official hue bridge/smartthings integration. That’s the only method that’s officially supported as well.

You may have just meant using SmartThings code with Hue bulbs which are connected to Hue bridge, and that’s fine.

In these forums, “Hue bulbs connected directly to SmartThings” usually means using a Hue bulb without the hue bridge, and while the pairing can be achieved, you will lose some functionality and some additional issues can be introduced.

So I just wanted to be clear with the distinction between the two. :sunglasses:

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Thank you for the responses. My head is exploding!!
I am using Hue bulbs connected thru the Hue Hub to ST.
I can now use Google Home to verbally command each light individually. Bar on, Fly lamp blue, etc.
What I still want to do is:
Use google home to say "turn on Living Room (contains 4 lights).

I’ve given up on “Watch Movie” which would turn on Living rooms lights and also change their colors. It doesn’t seem like I can use either Hue Scenes, or ST Automations.