Using old Android phones as webcams integrated into ST?

(Jennifer King) #1

I have several old Android phones that aren’t being used. I know there are apps that will allow me to set them up as webcams. I also know there are apps that allow them to be motion activated. Does anyone have any experience turning old Android phones into motion activated webcams that are integrated into SmartThings?

(Jody) #2

When it comes to cameras and video there are only a few officially supported models from Samsung and D-link. If you want to integrate and repurpose your old mobiles into cameras, take a took at Camio or another similar service that integrates with IFTTT.


I’ve messed around with using SmartThings and Manything on IFTTT and was never happy with the response time before the video clip started recording.

(Brian) #4

I really like the Camio feature set. I’m allergic to monthly fees, but it’s making me think…

The IFTTT integration is really deep. I’m going to test this.

(Josh) #5

There was an app someone shared a while back in the community called Perch.

(Jennifer King) #6

Thanks, I’ll poke around with it, too.

(Jennifer King) #7

I’ll dig into it, thanks for the link.

(Nate) #8

I realize this is an old thread, but maybe this will breathe new life into the discussion. Has anyone set up an old cell phone (android S6 in my case) as a SHM camera recently? Or used one just as an internet based camera that can be viewed by your current phone away from the house? What app are you using and why? I’ve found an app called Alfred, but it’s a little flaky. Just wondering if there are any better ones out there and possibly ones with ST integration?