Using MoodCube to set Mode?

BTW, you could use the same basic approach but instead of doing it with mood cube, do it with tiles on SmartTiles on a wall mount tablet or wifi phone

The main advantage to that is the tablet can’t get lost and you can put it up higher so the kids can’t play with it.

( Smarttiles is a third-party customizable dashboard app that can run in a web browser. Very popular in the community. There’s even a thread dedicated just to different hardware and style options with it. )

The other reason I mention smart tiles is because the challenge you’re going to face with the mood cube is getting from face one to face four without triggering a couple of other faces in between. Especially for people who are somewhat hesitant about it, maybe like babysitters.

It’s not usually a big deal with lights if you accidentally triggered the wrong scene, but if they accidentally triggered the wrong mode it might be a problem.

Just tapping the tile on the tablet might be more intuitive in that sense.

Because you can customize the display, you could have four or five individual mode tiles, maybe the outside temperature, and the time. Whatever you wanted.

So just a thought. :sunglasses: