Using Mimolite as garage door opener, how to momentary switch

I have a Chamberlin garage door opener with myQ. Late last year the myQ smartapp stopped working and I had all sorts of trouble to get the app to work. So I took a garage door remote and soldered a wire across the button contacts and connected this to a Mimolite. I have the jumper set for momentary. The Mimolite creates a switch in ST but that is not the way I want it to function. It takes multiple taps to get the door open/close. I want it to function as a garage door remote would. One tap for each operation. I remember seeing code somewhere that would reset the “switch” so it works this way but I can’t find it now.
Also note I have Webcore installed. Would it be easier in Webcore? HELP!

You can try this Virtual garage door controller, it has support to turn on/off switches to replicate momentary behavior.