Using IP garage door opener(Garage Door Buddy) with smartthings

I am using Garage door buddy to remotely open my garage door. It has its own app that uses wifi to open the garage door from anywhere. I am looking for a way to integrate this withing Smartthings. the app has a developer mode that gives access to APIS, is there anyway to write code to make a device that will control this device. I already have z wave open close sensors on each door so I would like to integrate those sensors into the control.

Any luck with this? I’m looking into getting one since it’s so cheap but I won’t if it can’t be integrated with ST.


I would go with this instead. It includes a tile sensor, so you won’t need to purchase anything separate for door status. It also has a native Smartthings integration. Works perfectly.

GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller, Small, Black

No luck yet I am not really a developer as much as a tinker, and I have not really had the time and I don’t really have the expertise. @Nashirak The Go control would probably be a good option but I have two garage doors and they can both operate off of the Garage door buddy separately, and it is much cheaper and I had it before I started with the Smartthings integrations.

Thanks for getting back. Do you know if this unit works for 2 doors?

It looks like that garage door opener has developer mode that can be integrated with with smart home. According to the doc on their site, you’ll have to email them for developer key. It does give a warning though about the connection not being secure.

WARNING: GarageDoorBuddy developer APIs are not encrypted. By enabling developer mode,
you agree that you are responsible for maintaining the security and control of access to your
network and all devices on your network.

With that said, you can probably use this to communicate with your GDB device.

I have 2 doors aswell, so from $57 being able to control 2 door is nice. Ill look into the developer mode and see if it’s a compromise I’m willing to take. Thanks for looking into this.

It definitely operates 2 doors individually or you can link them both to one. I have looked into the developer mode but have not had time to do much with it

I found a way to use IFTT and webhooks using the info from the developer mode. I was able to incorporate the ip address of the garage switch using webhooks the making a simulated switch that when pressed send the command to iftt with webhooks as the then action