Using HubAction "callback" on device

Thanks to all the existing discussion on here, I was able to get the Hub to talk to my Device, and to receive that response in the DTH’s parse. However, I’d like to make requests from the device -> DTH directly, rather than use continuous polling.

    def result = new physicalgraph.device.HubAction(
    method: "SUBSCRIBE",
    path: path,
    headers: [
        HOST: ip,
        CALLBACK: "<http://${address}/notify$callbackPath>",
        NT: "upnp:event",
        TIMEOUT: "Second-28800"

I’m using this and am able to get it to call parse on the DTH, however how do I use the CALLBACK on the device? If I POST to it I get 202, but parse is never called. Thanks!

Make sure the physical MAC address of the device issuing the callback matches the DNI that you created in SmartThings.

That was it!! Thank you. I was using IPHEX:PORTHEX. Thanks again!

Glad I could help. Some days I get lucky.