Using Google Home Speakers for Alarms


I’m coming back to SmartThings after a few years and I have to say I’m impressed with the improvements in the platform and the app.

I’m currently testing the Smart Things Home Monitor. I have it working so that any intrusion lights up Philips Hue lights and a voice command plays on my Sonos Speaker.

Ideally I’d like any intrusion to play a voice command on my Google Home speakers also - so that it’s played around the house. I don’t see a way to add a Google Home speaker to Smart Things

Is this possible or is there another approach I should take?


Google Assistant Relay is one option…

@Ryan780 would probably know what the best options are these days on SmartThings for using Google Home devices as TTS devices.

Now that ST is removing the Groovy IDE, I have no idea. All of the integrations for GAR are based on either WebCoRE or Groovy drivers. Two things I wouldn’t bother investing the time in if you’re a new user.

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