Using Google Home as Audio Output for STHM?

Wondering if I can use Google Home devices as audio output for STHM audio output? I see several discussions about it but it seems nothing recent and nothing that is easily (for me) to implement. I just want to be able to use the “Play audio notifications” option in the “Set Response” function of STHM. It shows “None available” even after I’ve connected my Google Home to ST. Thanks.

Neither ths builtin skill for Google nor Alexa sets uo the respective devices as a ‘speaker’ or TTS device by default. You need the solution Google Assistant relay: [Release] Assistant Relay V3.3 Beta

To enable access to the speaker and possibly a TTS driver like BigTalker to send speech, depending on what you want to do with it.

As a side note, Alexa doesnt require the middleman Raspberry Pi to access Echos but does absolutely require EchoSpeaks to make them show as addressable speakers im SmartThings.

No raspberry pi is needed with Echo if you just want custom announcements. :sunglasses:

You can make any Echo device speak any custom phrase (or play from a variety of sound effects, including sirens, doorbell chimes, or dogs barking) by using an Alexa routine (not a smartthings routine).

You can integrate that with smartthings by using a virtual sensor to trigger the Alexa routine. This is a very popular use case. See the community FAQ. :sunglasses:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

No raspberry pi or any other device is required and it’s using all standard features except for the virtual switch.

It’s not as flexible as the methods which require a raspberry pi because you will have to set up a separate Alexa routine for each phrase that you want spoken, but it’s definitely doable.

Unfortunately there is not as yet a similar method for Google home.

Thanks for the response, but I am too new to ST to make sense of it. I migrated over from IRIS last year and am still learning…

I’ll have a bash …

The official integration between ST and Google just makes (some of) your ST devices available on Google Assistant. Sadly, it doesn’t make your Google/Nest Home or Chromecast devices available to ST.

There are a couple of community developed integrations for working with Google cast devices and Google Assistant but they require an intermediate device, typically a Raspberry Pi, to be used.

Alexa users can create routines that are conditional on the state of certain sensors and speak custom phrases and play sound effects. This makes it possible to improvise ways of triggering those routines from ST. Unfortunately Google has not followed suit with that kind of functionality.

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For now I will continue to use my synthesized voice message (Warning! Warning! etc…) that is turned on by an outlet when system is triggered. Thought I could easily use my GH speakers to broadcast a message from ST. Thanks all for your help.

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