Using Ecobee Sensors with Other Thermostats?

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Hopefully others will chime in. Was there something specific about The ecobee sensors that you liked? There are a lot of different temperature sensors available that people use for zone triggers. Many motion sensors and contact sensors do double duty and have temperature reporting included.

In particular, see Keep Me Cozy 2 in the official Smartapps under Green Living. It doesn’t care which device you get the temperature from. Very popular. :snowflake:

My plan is to go with the EcoBee3 system eventually, as it is the thermostat of choice for us. If the sensors can be used with a lower cost thermostat, I’ll start there (we have a 2 zone system) and eventually when we splurge on the EcoBee3, I’ll move the cheaper one to the main level where it’s much less necessary to regulate.

So I’m hoping to future proof my pruchases while also accomplishing my needs now.

I know that @yvesracine was working on some EcoBee3 items. His thread on Ecobee is 220+ posts long, and a fast answer is what I’m looking for so that I can start researching the necessary items to set it up before I get all the parts.

Hi @Christopher

The ecobee3 sensors cannot work with other thermostats, they use a proprietary protocol…

If you want to reproduce a similar configuration as the ecobee3, you can buy any z-wave or zigbee sensors with the thermostat of your choice (as long as it’s supported by ST such as the CT-100) and use the following smartapp:

The smartapp allows adjustments at the thermostat based on an average temp calculation from room’s sensors.


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Thanks!! I kind of assumed I would need an outside sensor, but I was hopeful. The CT-100 was the unit I’m looking at to start with, if I use ST or AEON Lab sensors will they eventually work with the EcoBee3, or will I then need to re-purchase additional EcoBee3 sensors?

@Christopher, z-wave or zigbee sensors would not communicate with ecobee3 directly (as ecobee3 can only talk to its remote sensors with the same proprietary protocol)…

However, as mentioned above, the ScheduleTstatZones smartapp above could communicate with all sensors (whether ecobee’s remote sensors or z-wave sensors) thru the ST platform and calculates the avg temp from all of them.

Using the CT-100, you’d still miss some features from the ecobee3 as discussed here (see my post about pros & cons of z-wave thermostats vs. ecobee3):

But, at least, you’d be able to leverage your CT-100 thermostat as much as possible (till you switch to ecobee3 or any other “smart” thermostats out there).