Using camelot touch less to change mode?

I’m looking for a creative or simple way to use my new schlage camelot door locks. I’ve installed and integrated with ST. echo. ask alexa and so on. my use case is pretty simple. I want my locks to switch my home mode from away to home once a correct code is put in. not to familiar with auto locks and there capabilities.

I have a simple routine for shutdown when I or we leave the house and turns off lights, locks doors, closes or makes sure garage is closed and sets to away mode. this works for me.

I’m trying to do the reverse but I don’t want my front door lock to open by presence I’d rather have the code change the mode so I can keep my security front door contact in use.

This can be done with Lock Multi User Code Manager with Notifications by @RBoy.

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If you check the quick browse list in the community – created wiki in the smart app section for the locks list, there are several smartapps there that can do exactly this. The ones from Rboy require a license fee, most of the others are freely contributed by community members.


Keep forgetting about the fee. :disappointed: I had a need for the DTH for the Blink Cameras so the rest of the useful apps were available for download with the sub.

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Nothing wrong with a fee if people feel they’re getting value from it, I just like to mention it upfront. :sunglasses:

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So I gladly paid the 35 clams and seems to work so far. It keeps asking ingredients activity to add each user and just keeps scrolling down my feed. Not sure why

Testing with generic codes but is it normal to have this keep reporting. I’ve tested all the locks and they work.

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If you paid the license fee, they give you support as well. Just ask through their website. :sunglasses:

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Dumb question but how do I use the dth I got instead of ST. I’ve never changed the a different dth before

That’s normal as it does a security verification / audit each time your program it (2 cycles and then it stops). Just make sure the first time you installed the SmartApp you run the clear codes procedure listed on the website to have a clean install. If it doesn’t stop that’s because of data corruption on the platform, just run the clear codes procedure and it’ll fix itself.

As for the custom DTH you can find detailed instructions on the website installation page for SmartApps and Device Handlers (click on the link below):

Do note if you’re changing the DTH you should run the clear codes procedure after changing the DTH.

Nice got the dth working with those instructions. I’ll try and clear the codes now. I did set up my camelot locks with there own codes from out the box.

so it sounds like what your telling me is because of that there’s a disturbance in the force and I must clear all codes for your app to authenticate it’s own codes even though there the same?

How do I run the clear codes procedure to fix itself

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:)) yes the force is strong with ST. Yes you need to clear all the codes to get the ST force and the lock force in sync.

It’s very simple just clear all the names and codes in the SmartApp and click done. Wait for a couple of minutes. We’ve also put the procedure up on our website.