Users with Restricted Access - Or stripped down companion App

I have been trying to deal with people that use Presence FOBs. The Battery life is extremely short and it causes me to physically tech way more often than I want to. I want people to have Presence access to my home, but that’s it.

Can we get permissions feature already?

Or at least a stripped down version of Smartthings that only serves to keep track of presence on a phone?

And don’t suggest Life360. This requires a person to have Location Sharing ON ( privacy is an issue ). If Life360 still kept track of people in or out of Geofence with Location Sharing Off - Then we’d be all set. no problems.



Are these users Android or iOS users?

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Both Android and iOS

Could you use SmartTiles to create a limited dashboard for each user?

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Would Smart tiles work as a presence sensor? This is the only thing I would want these users to have access to.

My apologies - I was getting this thread mixed up with another about having limited control capabilities. SmartTiles wouldn’t work as an automatic presence sensor, but you could have people manually trigger arrival and departure with it.

Normally I would recommend presence fobs, but it sounds like you are having some issues with battery life.

This is stretching for a solution a bit, but if you have a dedicated wallmount tablet (even running SmartTiles), you might be able to run Tasker in the background to watch for the Bluetooth signal from existing devices that people own – this of course assumes they have some sort of always on bluetooth device with them (phone, smart watch, Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon, etc) and that their devices would stay in range.

Edit: And for the Android users, you could use SharpTools + Tasker to create custom presence (based on WiFi or Geofence, etc), but it’s more for the tinkerer than your average user.

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I did what @joshua_lyon suggested for the 2 teens in our house. I “borrowed” their phones and installed IFTTT. I made 2 virtual switches for them that gets switched based on them coming and going.From there you can use apps that simulate presence.

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Thanks Joshua - I use Tasker. I got a rough idea how the bluetooth thing would work, but it’s such a huge work around that I would be concerned with it’s reliability. Tasker ( at least for me ) has failed to run occasionally with certain profiles. I’d say it works about 90% of the time however The wifi thought is interesting. I would have to look into Launch Center Pro for iOS, to see If I can replicate a mode change perhaps.

eibyer - how did you set up your situation with IFTTT? What was the trigger that toggled the virtual switch?

If I remember correctly, my trigger for the android phone was wifi connect/disconnect and for the other teen that has an iPhone I had to use geolocation.

If your router is a wrt based router you could use that to set presence status. I created one for my asuswrt router, but there are other examples in these forums. That way it is platform agnostic. And works extremely well for me on my router

I have an Asus RT-AC68U. from what I’ve read I’d need to flash “Brainslayer” to get my router DD-WRT ready. Or perhaps you might now of a setting that is already on this particular router???

How exactly would WRT help? I’m trying to find a list of benefits that WRT will bring.