User input before actuation


I am new to Smartthings development (although a developer by profession) and trying to integrate my Verisure Security systems via Cloud to Cloud integration. Trying to write a Smart app for it and would like to know if Smartthings can ask for user input ( in this case pin code ) when user taps lock / unlock?


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This is a planned feature for SmartTiles, web based client for SmartThings.

I think this is currently difficult to do inside a SmartThings Device Type Handler, but will get easier when HTML Tiles are introduced.

In the meantime, it could be done via a SmartApp, but you’d still need a special DTH to hide the Lock Device.

Thanks for the reply.

I cannot find a way in SmartApp to popup a pin input when user taps lock. I wrote a custom DTH to hide the lock device but unable to find the tile in Smart app. I could save the pin in preferences when launching but that would not be secure enough.
Can you please point me in some direction.


That ability is not currently available yet in SmartThings, and we’re working on it for SmartTiles.

There are some convoluted ways you might be able to achieve it in current SmartThings mobile App, but way too hard to describe.