Use Smartthings Button IM6001-BTP01 as Door Bell with ADT Panel?


I have setup my ADT ST and wanted to know if there is a way to trigger the panel chime with this button. I don’t see a way to do it when clicking the device in the ST app, although ADT contact sensor can be set to chime under audible alerts in security settings.

Thanks for any guidance.

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What you have to remember is that the ADT Side of the system is siloed from the Smartthings side. The ability to send commands from one to the smartthings side is very limited. There is currently no way to interact with that internal speaker.

What is the reason for using a button to have the panel make a sound? Perhaps there is a easier way to accomplish what you want.

Another possibility is to use Smarthings to handle it. There are many methods to create sounds from smartthings. Some that come to mind are Big talker, Google relay, and some sirens support sounds under certain conditions.

I just need a door bell and thought the button would be a good replacement. It would be nice to have a log of when it is pressed, so that is why I am looking to integrate it with my ADT ST panel instead of just setting up a $10 non-smart wireless doorbell.

So i am going to make three suggestions.

First you may be able to find a siren that you can trigger a sound on that would act like a doorbell. I don’t know how viable that is, but i know some sirens to have sounds available other then the main siren.

A far more expensive option could be to look at the one Arlo Doorbell kit with 1 camera. It would get you started with the Arlo ecosystem, get you a doorbell with a camera, and a chime i believe. It isn’t cheap, but not priced to bad when compared to other video doorbell solutions. The additional chime can do many things from being a siren, presense sounds and vairous doorbells.

Lastly if you have a always on computer or device that you can turn into a audio device for Smartthings you could trigger the sounds with that. The combination i am thinking of is like Bigtalker in smartthings with a computer or android device that would do the audio playback. There are also some solutions for Alexa and Google Home that allow you to send sounds to those devices. I believe they require a piece of software in between smartthings and the Voice assistant though.

Each of these options can be used well beyond a simple door bell though so those are some added benefits right.

If you get the Dome Siren you can also use that as a auxillary siren with the ADT Panel. You just need to download and run ADT Tools 2 to enable that function.

You may want to check out ADT Tools 2 at Things that are smart since you have a ADT Smartthings Security panel and talking about further integration. It has allot of stuff that may help with it.

Thanks for your suggestions, I will consider what will work for me and report back. I saw ADT Tools 2 mentioned around the ADT threads and will take a look at that first to see if I can use this button or not.


Thought you might want to look at this youtube video. It is for the Dome Siren and it clearly has a sound that would be good for a doorbell. So it should just be setting up the button to trigger the sound on the siren

Take a look

There is also a Aeotec Doorbell that may work as well.

Appreciate the video. I see what you mean about the silos - so the non-adt devices can’t interact with the panel’s functions. It needs a non-adt device to control, which is where the dome siren or similar comes in.

I will look into the ADT tools to see if there is any workaround, but will go with a siren if that does not work.