Use one device with two device handlers? Or edit device handler to work differently?

Hi. I recently updated my Nano Shutter (blinds controller) to the new firmware. This lets you set the device type as a dimmer switch and control the position of the blinds by setting the dimmer percentage.
The old version didn’t have this feature, you could only send open/close/stop commands. I have all my WebCoRE pistons set to control the blinds by using open/close/stop commands, and I have z-wave buttons that send those commands. With the new feature, it’s easier to control the blinds from the phone or Google Assistant setting the final position I want the blinds to reach, but with the buttons I can only set one position to each button, I cannot send a STOP command.
If I set the device type as Nano Shutter V2 it lets me send the open/close/stop commands but I cannot set a % level, and it doesn’t show up on Google or the Samsung app as a dimmer switch.

I’d really like to have both, is there any way to “duplicate” a device and have both options inside SmartThings?

I only want to use the stop command through WebCoRE, I don’t need a button inside the app. I tried editing the code of a Dimmer Switch to add the Stop command with no success, but it doesn’t seem that hard.

Any help is appreciated :wink: