Use light switch to turn on multiple devices?

I have a GE light switch and a zigbee compatible light bulb. When I turn on the ge light switch (using the manual switch), I want to also turn on the zigbee light bulb. I was trying to see if I could activate an IFTTT routine (If {GE light=on} than {turn on zigbee light})

Logically it seems like a really simple routine, but I don’t see a way to create an action on turning on a light switch. Am I missing something obvious? Any advice here?

The Smart Lighting smartapp should be able to do that in either the Classic app or new app. Id send along screenshots, but i cant at the moment. No need to use IFTTT.

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Smart Lighting can do it as @johnconstantelo mentioned. If you also want to turn off the zigbee light when you turn off the ge switch, you can use the mirror behaviour in smart lights.

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Sorry I don’t see this option to mirror behavior or anything about smart lights. Can you provide a little more guidance?

where is says - What do you want to do? - click on that block/row

Have you installed the Smart Lighting smartapp from the Marketplace yet? Once you do, you’ll see those options. That screenshot from @jkp is from the Classic app.


You can use IFTTT, but you don’t need to, because as the others have mentioned smartthings already has built in rule creation features which can do everything IFTTT can do and more. :sunglasses:

See the following FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)

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Also, I forgot. First question is which version of the app are you using?. :sunglasses: The features are somewhat different.

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Sure, if you want to set it up in less than a minute, then
open SmartThings app,
click on Automations,
click the “+” sign,
scroll down and click add custom…

Then you will see IFTTT like interface:

IF… select “Device State” and then your switch
THEN select “Control Device” and then your bulb


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Thank you all HA_fanatic I did what you suggested and it worked like a champ. The first time I looked at automations I did not really read all the extra stuff you could do. Thank you everyone for the help it really was as easy as it should have been, I just was not focused enough to notice it.