Updates to the SmartThings Platform

What region are you in?

If you are using ST’s smart locks and in a region where smart lock guest access in the new app is not available… that could be one of the error messages.

At least IFTTT and Ecobee are missing. How am I supposed to have it working without IFTTT?

Look in menu > settings > linked services

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Thank you. I guess it’s some other apps that are missing. The problem is I can’t find out which (my custom apps are here…) Was that message about 5 non-migrated apps just an error?

Ok, technically migration does nothing with custom or other apps you added nor devices. They would show in the new app whether you migrated or not (except in the case of sync issues)

Migration only converts SHM and SHM custom rules over to STHM and automations and scenes. It converts routines over to automations and scenes. It converts smart locks to smart lock guest access.

Without a screenshot I have no clue what went on. You may want to check if your routines and shm custom rules were converted.

Plus, you can still open the Classic app and view all the apps you have previously installed. They are still there.

You will see a message now that the migration has occurred and to use the new app but you can still use the Classic app except for SHM, routines and scenes.

Some users have gotten really crappy error messages after migrating. It sucks!

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[ This was in response to a question higher up in the thread, not sure why this was placed at the end]

Question: How are timed based notifications from the old app handled in the new app.

If I understand the issue, it is working for me under smart apps, under “Custom Monitors”,

When I did the migration from the old App, a couple of days ago, my notification rules, like 120m garage is left open notify, were copied over to this section.

I migrated my account manually - do you know how to manually set this up in the app? I don’t see “Custom Monitors” when I add a new SmartApp.

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Contact support. Best bet is to call them.

And what if they get the support tech who MIGHT say custom device handlers and custom Smartapps are no longer supported after oct 14th? :wink:

How many times has that happened in the past few weeks.

Please note: I was making a back-handed comment. Custom device handlers and groovy does not end on oct 14th but in fact, are scheduled to end sometime in 2021.

Sometimes after I’ve vented about the month plus turnaround of UK support, I read some of the rapid answers you get from US support and think “We’ll call that a draw.”


You shouldn’t need to re-install, but the device does need to be refreshed for the new supportedButtonValue mappings to take effect - by either pulling down on the device once it’s selected in the new mobile app (ie to get spinner for a few seconds) or by hitting config in the old app. I would have expected SmartLighting to work better with the new app with this change, but the new automation capability would still not be working…

Also, as a test trial in the hopes of more fully supporting the new automation capability of the new app (and hopefully SmartLighting as well), I put together a quick very beta (alpha really) version of the WD200+ dimmer device handler that implements a single button with all 12 actions (eg downx3, upx4, hold_up, etc) instead of the old approach that implemented 12 different push buttons. Note: This approach will break any old automations that you have that are working, so I’m not sure I would test this update if things are working now for you. I’m not sure how many SmartApps fully support the new-ish supportedButtonValue mappings, so your rule/automation options may be limited with this new code… I’ll try to post future updates in the WD200+ thread…

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Yup. Support is hit or miss. But getting an opened ticket matters.

I’m working on the belief that somewhere someone at Samsung pays attention to the number of support tickets as an indication of platform stability and quality.


Has anyone who uses Konnected made the transition from the Classic App to the new App?
I never switched from Konnected’s SmartApp integration with SmartThings to their new Konnected Cloud solution earlier this year.

I’m not sure if it would be best to make the switch to the Konnected Cloud in ST Classic, and then migrate everything from ST Classic app to the new app, or migrate ST apps, and then switch Konnected to the cloud.

Anyone have any experience going either route? If not, I guess I’ll be the guinea pig… :cold_sweat:

Where can I find details on the announcements regarding this, and the tools/recommendations for migrating apps from Groovy to be usable after 10/14? I have a custom smartapp that I can’t live without which makes a web call to determine modes for the house.

Top of this thread. There is also a support page devoted to this…

Just to follow up on the quote from me in your post, custom device handlers and groovy do not end on oct 14th but they will end sometime in 2021.

There were a few instances were custom support was telling folks they did and confused the heck out of some folks. I should not have brought that up in a post.

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Exactly what @jkp said. The smartapps MOST impacted are the ones that implement a custom child device with custom UI’s to get things done in the app interface. If your smartapp does not implement a custom device, 9/10 it continues to work. The best way to find out is install Newapp, login with your current credentials without migrating and see for yourself if it continues to work or if you need to work around something.

For instance, Gentle Wake up, creates a custom device type that’s a superset of a momentary button. Momentary buttons are not understood by newapp so the entire device blows up if you try to run it in New - it still continues to work in classic because the device presentation is not an issue there.

SmartLighting has no custom devices - the UI is entirely in the settings pages, so it keeps trucking just fine.

No worries… my heart rate is back down now :slight_smile:

I searched but can’t find a topic identifying what the new supported development lang/env will be, and if I can prep for that by starting to migrate my custom apps. Can you provide off-hand a link to a good groovy-to-new platform thread?

Fortunately, the ones I wrote do not – they just hit a web service and make some calculations as to location mode. So do you think those will not be deprecated at all, or we’ll still have to convert to some new lang/env?

So the answer is yes - they will EVENTUALLY be depricated… At some time NEXT YEAR when they finally depricate the IDE. (That’s what you’re looking for when they announce the retirement of the Groovy IDE.) That is known to be targeted a year out. Unannounced date. Fortunately it’s not mixed in with this other mess.

What replaces it?

Get reading.

And more threads for you…

Thanks guys – have any community members started contributing apps developed under this new framework, or is everyone still taking a wait-and-see in the community. (Assuming commercial devs/Samsung partners are going this way first)