Updates to the SmartThings Platform

So, with the new Google Home setup, you can no longer be selective in the devices you allow access to? Are you also killing the community Chromecast app?

How about telling us some of the actual details of the upcoming changes. I would have liked to know before I switched over that I can no longer exclude some of my devices from Google. Now, I have to go rename a crap-ton of devices so there are no conflicts when asking google to turn on the group lights that consist of multiple lights with the same name prefix.


FYI, looks like the Classic app will be discontinued on October 14th.

I received the email today letting me know it’s time to migrate over to the new app before then.

If you’re already using the new app and comfortable with how your location is behaving, don’t bother with the migration. The migration tool does four things: 1) prompts you to migrate to a Samsung account login (the new app won’t accept SmartThings logins due to the permissioning backend), 2) migrates your routines to automations and scenes, 3) migrates any SHM settings to STHM and clears out the old version of SHM so you don’t get phantom alarms and 4) migrates any Lock Code Management settings to SmartLock Guest Access (if it’s available in your country).


WCmore to the rescue!

If you want complex voice alerts, custom skills activation, sound effects, and rock solid reliability, with no dependency on the clunky groovy code, then this thread may be just what the doctor ordered.


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I sent this to the email support, and didn’t get any real answers, just basically that my automations from the old will not transfer to the new app, didn’t ask anything about that, and that other users of my hub would also need to switch to the new app, didn’t ask about that, I don’t even have other users.

Currently all of my devices work in the classic app as well as the new app, even if they use custom device handlers. After migration, will this continue, or will my devices with custom handlers be disabled.

If I need to add a device that requires I custom device handler in the future, will I still be able to do that in IDE.

I’ve read that IDE will be going away, will my custom device handlers be disabled when IDE goes away, or will there be a way to convert my custom groovy code to the new platform.

Will SmartApps like webcore continue to function as is after migration, or after IDE is disabled.

Is there any timeline on when the classic app will be disabled, or when IDE will be disabled.

Is there a way to see if there is a default device handler that will function in the same way as my custom device handler that I can test before I migrate.

I’m really afraid of loosing current functions, and not know if things will continue to work as is. I’m not sure I fully understand what the benefits of the new app are, it just seems much slower and clunky than the classic app, I haven’t seen any advantage of it.

They will continue to work in the new app exactly how they do today. The migration to the new app will not disable anything that already works in the new app.

You’ll still be able to add custom SmartApps or DTHs in the IDE for the time being.

The Classic app will be disabled on October 14, as it says in the first post of this thread.

There is no date yet for when Groovy support or for when parts/all of the IDE stops working other than “next year”. Exact details on how things will work after that are still to be announced.


@blake.arnold I need some assistance, I have yet to receive the migration banner. So I not sure what to do here.
Also, what is going to happen to all my custom drivers that I am currently using? And will webcore be dead as well?

This is really a disappointment. With this change I am losing alot of connections. myQ, Life360, Ask Alexa, Ecobee Suite Manager, Logitec Hamony (Connect), Rachio (Connect), Simple Device Viewer, Virtual Device Creator. All which use daily. How can this be of any benefit to the Customer? Also does this mean Webcore is gone.


WebCoRE works fine as well as any custom device that doesn’t rely on Custom UI. There’s a custom capabilities and UI beta going on right now for developers that will solve the UI issues it’s just not ready for Primetime.

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@blake.arnold this is one of the disconnects we discussed. the general public does not understand how to translate the technical info into practical info about what all of this ACTUALLY means to their life. Maybe a table like above (very nice BTW) with the top 20 SmartApps and Custom Devices and known errata / workarounds?

@DGBQ - most of the things you mentioned will continue to keep on trucking in newapp just fine. Don’t believe me? Install newApp and login with your existing Samsung account and see what’s there and works. WebCoRE, AskAlexa, Harmony all work. The ones you mentioned that take custom UI like EcoBee will probably need some help from the Dev to be fully functional in newapp.


MyQ, life360 and harmony continue to work in the new app. But life360 and harmony can not be installed from the new app.

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We’re planning to add this to the FAQ in the coming days. Examples of what will be in there are how to resolve mobile presence issues, why certain devices or smartapps don’t show up in the new app and anything else the community surfaces as confusing or issues they’re running into.

As we’ve said before, we’re listening and watching the community so please surface any issues you run into - we want to help.


Hi, why do you not have the ability to make custom rules on the Smart Home monitoring on the new app. I can no longer get notifications when my external motion sensors are triggered in adition to having the main system armed.

Im very close to selling all my Smartthings gear and going to a different platform.

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You use automations now :slight_smile:


Omg totally didnt see that

See this post from Blake. Custom DTH’s will continue to work but you won’t see any custom controls until ST adds (fixes) support for custom controls. Only the stock controls will show up but the core functionality will continue to work as is.

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Hopefully (finally) pulling the plug on the Classic app will let some progress happen on the new app. I kind of wonder how much better off the new app would have been by now if the Classic app had been cut loose a while ago.


I have a question regarding EchoSpeak.If the smart app will cease to exist, this means that the TTS capability of any echo device sent from webcore will not work, or it’s a separate thing?

I’ve already sent a request for this anyway to support team, but just asking…





Can you please tell me when Canada will have “Smart Lock Guest Access” I can’t migrate until we have it.