Updates to the SmartThings Platform

Do we have any new details yet about what changes are coming this year. Like the timing for the Groovy IDE retirement, or what hardware will be phased out and what will be supported going forward.

The ongoing status for those folks that have the Smartthings ADT Alarm Panel with 2 year old firmware.


Any additional news, yet? It has been a almost a year now, since the new Alexa integration was released without the ability to select which devices are shared, and 7 months since it was stated that this issue was being worked on.


My guess we will never see this change.


Part of my question was already answered. Samsung killed off the Smartthings ADT, V1 Hub, and the Smartthings link. That has caused many users to jump to other platforms.

The groovy IDE is certainly on it’s way out. They have said by end of year 2021 so at best end of this year. I would suggest if you want to write things for your personal use at this point you use Samsung Automation Studio. Either used Samsung Hosted solution which they have said is free for 1 year, but haven’t given a price yet for its future cost, or run your own at home.

Well, theyve “said” by end of 2021, however, I’m guessing end of 2022 or later at the pace things move at ST…

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The original announcement from a year ago was that phase 3 (Announcement | Changes to our Legacy SmartThings Platform) would happen “next year”, which means sometime during 2021. Not necessarily “by the end of”.

Have your automations begun working lately or are you still having issues?

I was having the same problems for months - it seems to have corrected itself for me about a month or two ago but no idea why, nor was support helpful when I was in touch with them. It was as though I was the only one having issues and all they did was make me send a ton of info/screenshots only for them to ask me to try reinstalling the app -_-.

Anyway, I hope it had begun working for you as well and that it continues to do so for us both!

I had a number of location-based automations that control security modes, lighting, etc., which was primarily for my own peace of mind while my dog is home alone. They kept disappearing whenever I’d create them (which was way more annoying than the Classic app because I couldn’t mass select devices and had to individually add like 30 things), and for a while they didn’t even work properly or at all. Sometimes they would appear to execute based on notifications, but then I’d walk in and my alarms would go off because it didn’t actually change the security mode… and that would happen like 30-60 seconds after I had walked in, which is incredibly slow in the event of a break-in.

i didnt really have many since i use webcore, but the few simulated switch automations i do have are working.

however, i cant add or edit them properly because i cant include devices in my automations for some reason

Hey @blake.arnold any update on this ?

It has been 5 months since your past responce on this. Is it nearing release?


Besides the obvious of being able to control what devices alexa has access to, I also want the use of virtual (not simulated) switches to be able to trigger Alexa routines back!

True “Switch” only devices have never been able to trigger an Alexa Routine. Only Contact Sensors, Motions Sensors, and maybe Lock devices are able to be used as Triggers for Alexa Routines. This is an Amazon Alexa limitation.

In the past, users have utilized special, custom DTH’s that implement both the Switch Capability, as well as the Contact Sensor Capability in one device handler. This allows ST Automations to control the virtual device as a Switch, which then can trigger the Alexa Routine as a Contact Sensor.


Linked Services no longer shows in the settings menu in my app.

Mine disappeared, i shut down yhe apl and came back 30 minutes later and it returned.

This is another indication of a terrible architecture/implementation in the “new” app.


They have different priorities, currently working hard to replace the “L” icon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol! Yes i know :grin: Although not much, i am eagerly awaiting for tomorrow

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I admire your enthusiasm. I really hope you’re not disappointed…

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I am pretty sure i will be


Is there even going to be an announcement today? It looks like the original tweet has been deleted


Looks like it’s been delayed, unfortunately.