Updates to the SmartThings Platform

I have to say, after reading all these comments and hearing other peoples reactions to the way Samsung is handling this transition, I am reading up on Home Assistant and kind of liking what I’m seeing. I know it’s a bit more complicated, but the fact is, most of the people who post to this forum on a regular basis are technologically advanced enough to handle it.

Is Home Assistant the logical alternative to SmartThings?


Which Smartapps?

Two locations to check for them…

  • menu > SmartApps
  • menu > settings > linked services for cloud-to-cloud

It’s starting to sound that way Alternative Hubs

So let’s say I’ll wait for now… BUT if I did decide to go through with it, would that mean I’d have to remove both smart locks from Smartthings just to get migration to work?

Sorry… I should have written smart locks Smartapp.

You don’t need to remove the locks. They should already be in the new app and you can use them. The smart locks smartapp that allows you to set users and codes would not be there if you are outside the US.

There is a third party smartapp you can look at called LUM from @RBoy

Not for most people, who chose smartthings to begin with because they were looking for a plug and play Home Automation system with a nice app. :wink:

Definitely for some people, especially those with a strong technical background, an interest in coding, and a desire to pay as little as possible.

Different things work for different people. For further discussion on this topic, see the following thread:

Alternative Hubs


Does anyone else think the holiday season is the worst time for a platform migration? Why did Samsung choose this date? It seems like short notice and poor product planning to me :thinking:

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Subscription service is next

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not sure if this is the intent of the post but i migrated and i have a few automation’s which seem to work but i don’t see them under automation’s.

example - at sunset turn off porch and driveway light.
2 - turn on one switch that fires another switch.

both work but i no longer see where to view or change these.

sorry found it in my smartapps!


True, but that’s a clunky way of getting to see that. There is so much wasted space in the new app that there’s plenty of room to show it on the main page (dashboard view) without having to navigate around - especially with a slow new app.


Neither of those show the SAs used by a specific device.


It looks like Alexa routines currently do not support triggering based on switch capability - only on motion or open/close contact. That said, I can still work with that for now at least by using a custom DTH that combines switch and contact capabilities like this one - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bjpierron/SmartThings-Alexa/master/devicetypes/bjpierron/simulated-alexa-switch.src/simulated-alexa-switch.groovy

Yes, you can you not see what SmartApps are using a specific device. Not only that, but in the history view you can’t tell what SmartApp acted upon the device. It makes it impossible to figure out what turned on a lamp when you have multiple SmartLighting rules that can act on it.

E.g., this light can be turned on by motion or by the door opening. The Classic app shows the SmartApp (motion or door opens) and show the commands (on, setlevel, etc). The new app hides all the helpful details.

(and as I’ve noted before, the history view in the Classic app kept the date it was showing at the top (“Today” in the screenshot); the new app doesn’t!)


This is what happened to me and it took me a few days to figure it out. I no longer have a “Home” location because of it… I had to change the name of the new one to something else. I still don’t really even KNOW how I got everything working correctly. :rofl: Some kind of warning/documentation at the time would have been a big help.

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It looks like you can still get history of what acted on a device in the IDE, at least, for now…

This sounds bad. Really bad. That and losing IDE access.


I mostly use Smart Lighting, but also SHM routines/functions/actions.

Part of the problem is I set most of this stuff up a long time ago, and it has been bulletproof since then. Any notes that I made at the time are useless because so much has changed, and the migration did a half-assed job.

Using Menu > SmartApps requires me to remember (or figure out) which SmartApp I need to modify. My usual process is “I know lamp abc behaves exactly how I want new lamp xyz to work” and so I go to lamp abc, click the SmartApps column and find the appropriate SmartApp to add lamp xyz to.

Thanks for the pointer to Menu > Settings > Linked services. Should I be worried that Amazon Alexa (the one I replaced this morning) is shown under “All locations” while Life360 (Connect) (I have not updated this yet) is shown in a separate section under “Condo” (the name of my one and only hub)? Maybe I need to remove and re-add Life360.

No need to worry. I would not change anything

Thanks, I’ll worry about other stuff :grinning: