Feature Request: Application Execute

(Jie) #1

This one has been bugging me for a while. You can write some very nice smart apps, but you can’t simply ‘execute’ them. You have to trigger them by saying ‘When event happens… do XYZ’. What I want to be able to do is in my smartphone, click my app and have it execute the code.

The use case for this is I have some lights on a fan that have no attached power switch (other than pull the light chord on the fan) or other physical triggering mechanism. For me to turn on and off these lights (more than one), I have to click each light off. Also these lights are dimmable, so for me to dim each of these lights I have to go into each light and play with the slide til I get the correct brightness. I want to write some code that says ‘Off’, ‘On’, ‘50% Bright’, etc… and make them simple tiles for me to click on my mobile phone.

(Kevin Tierney) #2

There are a few ways this could be done. You could use an app written by @wackware called dim with me. Using it, you set which one should be the “master” and the others the “slave” and then when you turn one on/off or dim it, the others will follow

If this doesn’t suit your needs. much can be done using virtual switches. There is a shared app called the Big Switch that allows you to use virtual a switch to trigger multiple actions

(Gary D) #3

You can already do this. Define appTouch(evt). For example (a modification I’ve made to my copy of the “flasher” smartapp to start it on touch):def appTouch(evt) { log.debug "triggering on app touch" flashLights() }