Update on SmartThings Classic Shutdown

I still see Weather Station under Hello Home. I use SmartWeather Station Tile in all of my thermostat automations. Are they the same thing and do I risk all of them breaking next Monday?

I have seen the weather listed at the top of the new app, but has less accurate weather data than SmartWeather Station Tile. Is this the Smart Lighting weather?


That’s not the point. It shouldn’t require a third party app since it was possible out-of-the-box with the Classic app.


What’s the new app official features equivalent for this?

I agree with you.

There is none unless you install your own smartapp.

There are multiple ways to do it not with the official features, include @rboy, sharptools, @johnconstantelo smartapp, etc. These are detailed in the community FAQ.

FAQ: Get a Notification if Something is Left On, Open, or Unlocked for X Minutes (2021)

But I’d like to know how the author of post #30 in this thread expects people to do this with the official features.



As far as I am aware the Weather Station smartapp has no involvement in accessing weather information for the SmartWeather Station Tile, which gets its info from TWC via functions exposed by ST.

What the Weather Station smartapp does do is generate sunrise/sunset information for your location for use by legacy smartapps such as webCoRE and Smart Lighting. I don’t know if it has ever had any other function.

Exactly what the deal is with that weather info in the new app isn’t clear. It appeared unheralded and pretty much remains that way, as go the related bits of Automations which don’t seem to work.


Excellent! I know at one time they had been saying they were going to fix the SmartWeather Station Tile to display temp instead of humidity on the tile in the new IOS app, but it never happened. I was afraid they stopped trying to fix it and were getting rid of it.

As part of the Classic app migration, a “Custom Monitors” SmartApp was automatically added to replace the custom rules I had in SHM. Is that what is now going away now?

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I did not get that added and I don’t see a way to add it in the smartapps menu. SHM Custom is also in their list of apps getting deleted, so it sounds like it is going away. I’ve been asking for Automations to support this since the migration began, but here we are…

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I read it as the custom rules within the context of the SHM app. So I would favour ‘no’.

@jlv How does “custom monitors” show in the IDE? The SHM version showed as a child app of SHM if I remember right.

Custom Monitors did appear until early October through the migration tool:

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No. The custom SHM rules you had were recreated in the new endpoint version - STHM. That won’t go away.

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Blake, i’m confused by this. I don’t see anywhere in STHM to create a rule that says “if door is open for X minutes, send an alert”

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I’m getting more and more confused (but what is new? :grinning:)

In the new app (migrated a couple of months ago) I do not have STHM (should I?). I do, however, have Custom Monitors and it has most of my notification-type rules ported over from the classic app (I can’t be sure now, but I think they were all custom rules in SHM - things like notify if a door has been open for x minutes).

So are all those Custom Monitors going away? It’s getting to the point where I will be lucky to be able to turn on a light via SmartThings. Or are you going to take Smart Lighting away too? :tired_face:

After moving house I have this grand plan to upgrade from smart plugs to smart switches and outlets, but this whole mess with the classic app, Simple Device Viewer no longer being able to check “last event”, Life360 integration not working, and talk of Samsung discontinuing sales of hardware is making me look hard at other solutions.

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They did for people in some European countries. :disappointed_relieved:

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It shows up in the list of SmartApps. As mentioned above, it only showed up for people who invoked the migration late in the game (October). There appears to be no way to add the SmartApp manually. Once it is there you can add additional rules.

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As long as I have webCoRE, I’m good. If it goes then I really don’t have a choice to leave because it’s just too much to do what I now consider simple automations based on various conditions with varying results based on those being met.

I just don’t understand how ST hired the person responsible for creating webCoRE and end up with a garbage automation engine that can’t seem to accomplish the simplest of task.

If phone is away and pc “turns” on then text…I could leave right after getting off the computer and get a text that it turned on while I was gone. :man_facepalming:t5:

If such a such stays on for x amount of time then text…Nope🤦🏾‍♂️

If too many conditions are put in the If then automation works sometimes but not all. :man_facepalming:t5:

STHM tell a me that a sensor is opened but not tell me which one…:man_facepalming:t5:

App takes forever to load tiles and get status…:man_facepalming:t5:

Have to have a Samsung phone to use custom locations…:man_facepalming:t5:

Can’t see what SmartApp triggered an Event…:man_facepalming:t5:

Can’t see what SmartApps are tied to a device…:man_facepalming:t5:

Issa whole mess. :man_facepalming:t5:


In SmartThings fashion, why the heck is one of my :man_facepalming:t5: Shirts Blue? Seems about the overall accuracy of things working as they should. :man_shrugging:t5::rofl:

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