Update on SmartThings Classic Shutdown

Here’s what i’ve somewhat gathered so far for countries (no guarantee on accuracy):

Smart Lock Guest Access: CA,GB,US

SmartThings Home Monitor (also restricted by hub): Global minus China

HomeCare Wizard: “CA”,“KR”,“MX”, “US”,

Smart Lighting: “CA”,“CL”,“DE”, “ES”, “GB”,“IE”, “IT”, “MX”,“SG”, “US”


SmartThings Air: KR

Smart Energy: KR, GB (Bulb)

SmartThings Find: Global Minus China and Japan


@blake.arnold so can we get smartthings air in the USA…I have two of the air purifier units but can’t use the smartapp

I’ve just come across this and I’m in Australia and can’t sign into my Smart Things app on my phone to control my Samsung TV. Is it anything to do with this?

I am new here and just bought Samsung TV. I tried to use SmartThings app to pair my other devices to Tv, but the SmartThings app will not connect to their server. Is there a replacement app for the SmartThings app?

JWhat’s the make and model of your TV?

Which version are you using?

The Classic app is still available in the App Store :frowning:

Yeah if it’s not working anymore they really need to pull it down from there

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It took them a year to remove the Samsung Artik app from the Play store (and only after I pointed it out). I also noted the Alexa Skill for Artik was still around… and they still haven’t removed that.

At least with the shutdown of the Classic app the Artik SmartApp no longer appears in the SmartThings Marketplace. :roll_eyes:

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Yep, aside from STHM, pretty much nothing other than custom smart apps down here in Aus. Having reached the limits of what I can do logic wise in the app, I am diving into WebCoRE. Fun, but a good deal of learning required. Still may have to switch to Hubitat given the execution lags for many things.


I FINALLY moved to the new app. Then found out that my APPLE WATCH IS NOT SUPPORTED!?!? What the heck, Samsung??? I’ve been telling people to use Smartthings for years, then you REMOVE CRITICAL FUNCTIONALITY, then FORCE people to use your new crappy app?

Oh, by the way, Apple ships 7.2 MILLION watches per quarter. Not exactly a niche product.


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We can hope.

Meanwhile, if you have an IFTTT subscription (or you can get by with only three applets, which is all you get on the free tier), you can create actions with their button widget.

I have missed the migration. Is there a list of steps I should follow to get myself back up and running? I downloaded the new app and can get in. some of my devices are there, some are not. I cannot login to the smartthings website, which leaves me confused. Do I have an account or need a new account? Is there a document that says … “So you missed the migration. These are the steps/procedures required to become operational again.”

We will be implementing the next phase of the SmartThings Classic app shutdown on Monday, December 14, 2020. This will include rate limiting and ultimately deleting SmartApps for the below legacy Solutions Modules. If you are using these SmartApps, you should immediately replicate their functionality in the new SmartThings App through Automations or SmartThings Home Monitor.

We will be blocking all access to the SmartThings Classic app at the time we begin this work to prevent unpredictable behavior at user locations.


SmartThings Team

Smart Home Monitor (SmartSolutions v2) Hello Home SmartSolutions v1
Smart Home Monitor
  • Custom
  • Leaks
  • Security
  • Smoke
  • Alert with Lights
  • Alert with Sirens
  • Audio Notifications
  • Close Valves
  • Turn Off Switches
  • Unlock Doors
Routines (Phrases)
  • Alarm Changes State
  • At a Certain Time
  • At Sunrise or Sunset
  • Button Actuated
  • Button is Pushed or Held
  • Door Locks or Unlocks
  • Everyone Leaves
  • Someone Arrives
  • Something Opens or Closes
  • Something Turns On or Off
  • Things Quiet Down
  • Things Start Happening
  • Window Shade Opens or Closes
Doors & Locks
  • Door/Lock
  • Door Alert If Left Open
  • Door Garage Close When Leaving
  • Door Garage Control
  • Door Garage Open/Close
  • Door Garage Open When Home
  • Door Know/Control
  • Door Lock Up
  • Door Lock Up On Close
  • Door Open/Close
  • Door Unlock When Home
Weather Station Camera
  • Camera Activity
Hub Offline Notification Comfort
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Thermostat
Low Battery Notification Damage & Danger
  • Extreme Humidity
  • Extreme Temperature
  • Leaks and Floods
  • Unwanted Access to Valuables or Dangerous Items
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide
Home & Family
  • Person - Presence alerts
  • Intruder Incident
  • Sequential Notification and Access
  • Smoke and Fire Incident
Lights & Switches
  • Light/Switch
  • Light Power Allowance
  • Light Turn On Arrival
  • Light Turn Off Departure
  • Light Turn On Motion
  • Light Turn Off Motion
  • Light Turn On Open/Close
  • Light Turn On Schedule
  • Light Turn Off Schedule
  • Area
  • Motion Alerts
  • Motion Photo Activity
  • Motion Photo Periodic
  • Rule Builder
Home Security
  • Intruder Mode
  • Intruder Status
  • Access Schedule
Leaks & Floods
Smoke & CO

This still can’t be done in the new app via Automations or STHM.

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@Automated_House I believe that can be done with rboys app.

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Is ‘Weather Station’ the same as ‘SmartWeather Station Tile’? I see Weather Station listed under Hello Home in the IDE. Is SmartWeather Station Tile about to go away next Monday?

It was added to Smart Lighting a while back to allow Hello Home to be removed without breaking sunrise and sunset in legacy apps.

I still see Weather Station under Hello Home. I use SmartWeather Station Tile in all of my thermostat automations. Are they the same thing and do I risk all of them breaking next Monday?

I have seen the weather listed at the top of the new app, but has less accurate weather data than SmartWeather Station Tile. Is this the Smart Lighting weather?


That’s not the point. It shouldn’t require a third party app since it was possible out-of-the-box with the Classic app.