Update from Repo?

I’m still kinda lost using update from Repo, I usually just try to follow directions of the thing I’m installing. I was looking around under My Smartapps and clicked the update from Repo to see if there were any updates needed. I clicked on Smartthings public (master) and saw a great big list in the column New(only in github) Do I need to update this list, select only things I think might apply to me, or just don’t worry about it. It was a hugh list. I have never update the Smarthings public(master) since I started.
Sorry if this is not the place to post this topic.

Don’t worry about it.

If you installed custom device handlers or smartapps from community developers, you can use the github integration to keep those updated.

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Thanks Mark, I guess I had just never seen that long list before, I do have a couple of smartapps that I have update from there, but I guess I never had clicked on the Smartthings public master before and thought wow, I’m either way behind or it’s not needed.