Unplug my phone as a trigger

Can an app help to have the hub recognize when an associated cell phone is on the charger? A change in state could be used as a trigger.

What are you attempting to do with this?

There are a few options that might work here… IFTTT supports battery channel for Android which has triggers for plugging in and unplugging from a charger.

If that won’t work for what you need, I’m sure something could be done in Tasker and Sharptools that will pass along the phone being plugged in.

If you’re on iOS, I can’t offer a solution.

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Could you use the voltage sensing from a smart-plug as a trigger to set off what you want. Something like, when voltage drop, these events occur? Haven’t tried it, just something that comes to mind.

If you’re on Android, you can definitely do this with Tasker and SharpTools. Tasker has a Power state that can detect when power is applied to the device.

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I was hoping to set up rules that would turn lights on in the morning when I unplug, and turn off lights at night when I put it on the charger. But I have an iPhone :sad trombone:

Yes you can do this with tasker and sharptools .

1 download sharptools and buy it
2 in the sharptools app, buy the tasker plugins
3 in tasker use a state of power
4 source is AC
5 make sure you click invert
6 make your task how you want
7 click the + then plugin then sharptools I was a phrase but use whatever you need in your set
8 sorry this was a really fast post cuz I’m at work … Hope this hopes I this on my note 5 and works great

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  1. Okay sorry can’t do this with iPhone you need tasker . I didn’t read the part that said iPhone oh well hope this helps someone

The new rules and trigger smart app may help, when triggers can be set to perform actions when metering drops to zero. we’ll see.

@Ryan00 Did you ever figure this out? I’m looking for a solution to the same problem.

Years later…does anyone have a solution to detect when you unplug your iPhone? Want to trigger wake up scene in SmartThings or hue