(Unofficial) Alexa on your Apple Watch (Voice in a Can app)

There are some limitations: it can’t play music, audiobooks or podcasts. Some daily flash briefings don’t work either. You can, however, control smart home items you’ve linked to Alexa and take advantage of its other features.

Will be trying this to see if it allows Alexa control when outside my home’s WiFi range…


I think it won’t without the iPhone nearby. But I will test today also.

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Voice commands spoken to Voice in a Can worked for me in these scenarios:
• Using iOS App with iPhone/iPad connected via home WiFi
• Using iOS App with iPhone connected via LTE (i.e. outside of home)
• Using iOS App with iPhone connected via work WiFi
• Using watchOS App with Apple Watch v1 connected via Bluetooth to iPhone (on WiFi or LTE)
• Using watchOS App with Apple Watch v1 connected via WiFi


• Both the iOS App and watchOS App had trouble recognizing when I stopped speaking if there was any background sound, and 9 out of 10 times I had to manually stop the watchOS App listening even with no background noise

• There was a noticeable delay after the recording of my voice command (in order to upload the recording to Amazon) to the time when the action was taken, and another delay until the Alexa voice response (which needed to be downloaded from Amazon) was played. The delay was really long - at least 3 to over 5 seconds for each direction (upload/download) when using the watchOS App on my Apple Watch connected via Bluetooth to my iPhone, and not much shorter even when my Apple Watch was connected via WiFi, despite what the App’s author says about a WiFi connection being considerably faster. Perhaps this is because I am using an “original” v1 Apple Watch. The delay on the iPhone App was still too long for my liking to make it an acceptable replacement for an actual Alexa device in my home, but it will probably be okay for use outside my home.

Yes same problem here, not working well at all. I installed Watch OS 5 today, and just for kicks will try it. I will update this post.